The people that stutter and struggle are usually conservative by nature in their outside lives, they think that we should stick with what we did last year because it worked last year.


Wing Chun is like a house with many windows, when we look through different windows we see different things.

I approach the S.L.T. as being a composite of the first three Forms, I see what many refer to as the S.L.T. as the “A” section, the Chum Kiu as the “B” Section and the Biu Gee as the “C” Section, things make a great deal more sense to me this way than thinking that they are separate practices.

The First Form teaches us how to stack our body and align our limbs, specifically our arms, it teaches the most efficient way to use our joints and how to hold our body correctly to facilitate the acceptance and issuance of force.

Chum Kiu adds to this and as such teaches us only the things that are not covered in the First Form, there is no need to learn a new way to set up our body or a new way to move our arms.

When we move our arms in the Chum Kiu we are performing a variation of the First Form. Chum Kiu is a composite of two different instances of the IDEA, or more correctly two ideas working in tandem.

Chum Kiu is primarily concerned with different methods of moving the waist with as little disruption to what we learned in the First Form as possible. The lower and upper bodies are held together and move as one.

With Biu Gee once again there is additional information, and again the only things we are learning are the things we did not use in Chum Kiu, and they are primarily concerned with the shoulder girdle. The method, however, is a complete departure from how we addressed the Chum Kiu.

Biu Gee provides freedom of movement for the upper torso, the chest and shoulder girdle from the lower torso the pelvis, hips and legs.

Any living thing that moves has three states…

  1. Static.
  2. Fluid.
  3. Dynamic.

Static – Sil Lim Tao, Joint integrity, putting everything where it belongs, working correctly.

Fluid – Chum Kiu, Developing Mobility, and by mobility, I mean the full range of motion.

Dynamic – Biu Gee, Maximising Mobility to bring about Efficiency. By efficiency, I am referring to the way our body can effortlessly communicate with itself to bring about any required action.

If we relate this purely to the movement we could say that the progression is from slow to smooth to ballistic.

With this model S.L.T. is performed slowly, Chum Kiu is faster but with an emphasis on smoothness and Biu Gee is as fast as we can make it without losing control.

If we look at the hierarchy of movement S.L.T. moves first, slowly, then Chum Kiu comes along smoothly followed by Biu Gee ballistically.

If we do not have the sequential acceleration I outline the three body sections cannot complete their individual tasks together.

And we are lost.



For reasons I have never understood the ‘bog standard’ Wing Chun person seems to hate progress, they abhor change from what they consider tradition.

They call it Lineage.

For the person that originally manifested Wing Chun from the multitude of Kung Fu influences, THERE WAS NO BEFORE,  there was no Lineage.

There was a time, maybe long ago, when Wing Chun was the vehicle of change from the established Kung Fu.

One thing I have noticed is that the people that progress have very open minds, in their outside lives they are ordinary and love the idea of change.

The people that stutter and struggle are usually conservative by nature in their outside lives, they think that we should stick with what we did last year because it worked last year.


Conservatives search for answers while progressives look for questions.
Conservatives believe that ’cause creates effect’.
Progressives understand that effects create the illusion of a cause.
Biu Gee requires us to throw everything away and start again.




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