If you enjoy the way I explain Wing Chun then consider training with me.

Training with WING CHUN SYDNEY and the “D” MAN.


My teacher would say that people come to Wing Chun for numerous different reasons, and not always to learn sound self-defence tactics or fighting ability.

Here at Wing Chun Sydney, we are most definitely training to develop sound self-defence tactics and fighting ability and to be expected it is reflected in our training.

This does not mean that we are a ‘Fight Club’.

We do not beat each other up and no one goes home injured.

It means that everything we teach is relatable to escaping, and surviving, violent situations.

More than anything else the difference between what I teach and what I was taught is in the approach.

In every Martial Art, there are always certain practices that have no practical application, they exist in the system to improve dexterity and coordination, and they are very important if understood correctly.

In Wing Chun practices such as Chi Sau, the Wooden Dummy, the Long Pole and the Knives are vital to achieving all-around capability, but on their own, as a genuine skill set, they are no more practical than push-ups or squats.

The two most important Wing Chun Form Sets are Chum Kiu and Biu Gee.

Chum Kiu introduces the structures, alignments, and strategies for defending against an attacker.

And Biu Gee introduces the power generation, weight shifting and force impulses that make up our attacking arsenal.

Understanding Chum Kiu and Biu Gee comprise the core of our method.

In the ‘real world,’ the preferred Wing Chun method of interaction with an attacker is ‘SIMULTANEOUS ATTACK AND DEFENCE’.

This requires a conflation of all we picked up in Chum Kiu aligned with all we picked up in Biu Gee.

Once we have this knowledge it can be applied in any position, from any shape, it needs to be, violence is chaotic.

We do not try to fight with Forms.


The Head Instructor has over 30 years of Wing Chun practice, there is one man with over 20 years of Wing Chun practice, one man with over 15 years of Wing Chun practice and 2 men with just under 15 years of Wing Chun practice.

Almost 100 years of collective Wing Chun practice and knowledge.

We train on Monday &  Thursday evenings from 7pm through to 9pm, and Saturday mornings from 8am through to 10am.  At the purpose-built Studio at the rear of my Home.

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If you do not live in South Western Sydney, if it is not easy for you to get to me, I am available for Clinics and Workshops at your Club / School, I am more than happy to tailor-make a short program for Instructors covering the later Forms and advanced concepts, please contact me to enquire about this.

I also offer private tuition but prior Wing Chun experience is essential, private tuition is of very limited value to beginners.

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