The Forms are nothing more than a loose collection of mnemonics, aids to memory.

For a very long time, I struggled to work on the Wing Chun FORMS.

I would get angry because so many of the moves in the FORM were just plain wrong, even by Wing Chun’s own metrics and I felt that I was being asked to accept something that I knew to be flawed.

How and when did things change?

Things changed once I realised that it just did not matter.

For some unknown reason, I thought that the FORMS were a complete and finished pattern that I needed to copy immaculately and that somehow I could not understand them if I did not do them perfectly.

This is not the case.

The Forms are nothing more than a loose collection of mnemonics, aids to memory.

Realising that it was not the content, the shapes or the moves that I was trying to learn changed the game.

The content of the FORMS was just a way to access the process.

Once I understood the process, the non-physical aspect, and the IDEA theory, I revisited the previous work and set out to correct the mistakes.

It was with untold delight that I discovered that the mistakes were really quite minor and concluded that they may have been included deliberately as a kind of hidden test and that the needed correction was already there, in the Theory of the IDEA.

I wrote about this some time ago in the post ‘Hidden in plain sight’, here is a LINK if we need to refresh your memory.

At that time I only saw Biu Gee in this way, but it is everywhere.

How could it not be?

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