Getting a handle on these will teach you more than I ever can.


Hi guys,


I am changing the format of these posts, we have plenty of time so instead of the usual brief videos to fit the idea of a quick visit to the Vlog I am making longer more detailed videos, I will post less frequently so that there is no information overload, and inside of the Videos, I will repeat information so that there is less chance of something going through to the keeper.


Things to get your head around and develop a deep personal understanding of are…

“How does a Counter Attacking Style operate and why.”?

“What does it mean to not carry an opponents weight”

“Why was Isaac Newton the greatest Wing Chun Sifu of all time”?

Getting a handle on these will teach you more than I ever can.



These videos are for your benefit to assist with your “Solo Training” during the lockdown, I have no personal agenda, if there is anything at all you would like me to cover hit me up, there is no reason for some sort of orderly progression, if you have a question on the knives or the pole do not wait until I start talking about the knives or pole, the dummy is difficult to set up and film as a one-man band but I am working on it William.