it is we will have to work with when the ‘Brown gets Airbourne’.

I am posting this video not to have a dig at the gentleman involved, but rather to shine a light into a dark corner.

I first put it up on my Clubs Facebook page, I know that a good many senior Wing Chun people, even Instructors with their own schools visit this page so I was hoping to start a genuine conversation.

Yeah, good luck with that.

Only one Instructor approached it critically and serious by firstly pointing out that the guy was way out of his depth just by being in the ring.

Gdonya Snowy!!!

Apart from that, it was the usual drivel.

I have one friend, who is also an Instructor, who claimed…

“I just get so bored by these videos”

…which is such a ‘sad and sorry’ thing to say.

How can anyone be “So Bored” by something that validates everything that we say and claim about Wing Chun, something that clearly shows what can happen when you cannot access the intelligence of our Fist Logic, something that on so many levels proves us right when we tell the haters to ‘go eat a dick’.

His comment was, to be expected, followed up with the default Wing Chun position of “Wing Chun is not intended for use in the Ring or Cage”!

Such a mountain of Bullshit it made my eyes water.

Watch some of Bas Rutten Pancrase fights {the forerunner of today’s M.M.A. but with fewer rules} where he just ‘Bitch Slaps’ the shit out of his opponents.

How does a “Bitch Slap” become more fit for purpose than the whole of Wing Chun?

If what you do can transfer force and deliver pain it is well and truly fit for purpose in the Ring or Cage.

But there is something in the Wing Chun Universe that is not fit for purpose in the Ring or Cage, and that, of course, is most of the worlds Wing Chun players, including “Yours Truly”!

Most of us are not fit enough, not fast enough, not robust enough and have little if any of the attitude it takes to engage someone ‘Mano e Mano’.

Why pretend otherwise?

We should embrace this and structure our expectations accordingly because…

“it is what it is’!

And it is we will have to work with when the ‘Brown gets Airbourne’.

Just before the “Lockdown”, I organised a sparring session with a local Karate School, I worked with my guys for about a month on how to spar with someone other than a fellow W.C. guy, what to look out for against a Karate player, how to use what they knew, how to use the things I had shown them, we worked hard and we were as prepared as we could have been.

When my guys started sparring there was no Wing Chun or at least none that I recognised.

At first, they would not believe me, but in the debrief they realised I was speaking the truth, but I was still really proud of them, they did as well if not better than I expected.

Been there, done that!

When I was a young boxer my coach would ask me after a fight “why did you not use what worked on for so long”?

I always thought that I had and that he was just a hard arse.

Go figure.

When we watch these videos, and we should, we should watch them all and watch them many times, we should give our Martial Arts cousin well deserved respect, understand that he is our equal, a fellow Priest of Mars kneeling at the same altar, dancing the same dance, singing the same song.

“Do we really think that this is what he trained for”?

“Do we really believe that this is what he wanted to do”?

We should not just slag the shit out of him, like ourselves he is digging a deep and lonely furrow.

One thing I think about this particular W.C. Master to some of the other W.C. Masters that found themselves in the same place is that this man took it to his opponent, he gave it ‘as good go as he could’, I just think that he was overwhelmed by the experience lack of ring experience, global video audience and all that crazy stuff and not necessarily the fight itself.





The commentary in this video is spot on in places, he talks about the Wing Chun Man losing his shape in the clinch, as we all know the final move in Biu Gee, the 3 Bows to Buddha, would not only get him back into a good shape but help him to a position that he could easily have won from.

As a Master level Tactician, he would surely know this, but that is the thing, knowing may be good, but doing is better..

Would we fare any better?

Personally, I do not think so, I would imagine that he will watch this video and weep.

We should approach these videos with respect and understanding.

If we are honest there is much we can learn from them.

All of these guys must have thought that they had a chance, why be involved if not, I also expect that they trained hard to get ready for the fight, harder than most Wing Chun Hobbyist does.

Which means they would be better prepared at that time than we are right here right now if we went out and got in strife.

This could so easily be us, so what should we be working on to do our best to not be ‘that Guy’?





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