I have Boxed, and I have raced Bicycles, looking back I was training the wrong thing all along.


If you came into my studio and hopped on my computer you would find anywhere from 8 to 28 articles in progress, writing down my thoughts and opinions are part of my training, they are how I try to push the envelope and expand my universe.

They are also my biggest tool toward attaining honesty.

When I am writing I just throw it all down, frequently these observations are extremely one-eyed, opinionated and I do nothing to filter this out.

At least not there and then.

I leave them for a few days and then come back to them with the metric of “do I believe this piece of writing, is it simple, clear and above all honest”?

Then I begin editing.

WHY ARE WE TRAINING has been ongoing for as long as I can remember, it has so many bifurcations that it is just not possible to keep it going in a straight line.

Why are you training?

Do you know?

Do you have objectives, genuine goals that you are striving for?

Do you know what the key ingredient is for your success?

Are you working to attain it?

As I get older, as I look back on 67 years of experience there are only a few things that ‘really’ stick out.

There were some things that I became almost obsessed with that just faded away and in retrospect, I understand why.

I was following the wrong breadcrumbs.

Experience is a great teacher.

No matter how old you are you have a wealth of experience that is pertinent to you.

COVID is making us all part-time philosophers so do it.


This is a little unrelated but perhaps something to think about.

After winning the 1986 Tour de France, Greg LeMond was asked…

Q. “What do you think was the main reason you won”?

A. I can hurt more than anyone else”.


Greg LeMond did not train to ride a bike, he trained to accept pain.


I have Boxed, and I have raced Bicycles, looking back I was training the wrong thing all along.





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