It was a case of Deja Poo.

I have heard that shit before.


A recent phone call from a prospective student surprised me because the first thing he asked was “Do you do Internal or External Wing Chun”?

I was not aware that there was now officially an “External Wing Chun”.

I informed him that I do not know what he is talking about and advised him to use Google.

It was a case of Deja Poo.

I have heard that shit before.

Late last year I had a guy come to one of our group lessons at the Studio, he told me that he had 5 years Wing Chun training with an inner Sydney school but wanted to find somewhere closer to home.

Most of our work here at W.C.S. Is about developing a stable structure and good mobility, it is not unusual on any night for all levels to be working with the pole, doing footwork drills, working on accepting heavy loads in Chi Sau or Chum Kiu analysis or using resistance bands to condition and understand how to efficiently and effectively organise our body.

From the outset, the guy struggled with poor fitness and bad co-ordination, his structure and the ability to maintain his shape under pressure were at a low level considering he had trained for 5 years.

His ability and proficiency were generally poor and as the night wore on he looked more than a little disappointed in himself.

At the end of the session, I asked if he would be making another visit and he declined, mentioning that he was not looking to do ‘External’ Wing Chun.

When I asked why he thought we did ‘External’ Wing Chun and why it was any different to what he did at his other school, he said that our type of training required too much effort.

While it is true that my students have been known to break a sweat our training intensity would only be that of a brisk 3 KLM walk.

Our Wing Chun does not use or require excessive effort, just natural movement, natural fitness and natural muscular strength, something I believe is common with all Wing Chun.

In a real-world situation, which is ultimately the only thing that matters, all Wing Chun is the same, just Wing Chun.

We can do it with a soft body, unstable joints and very little movement, or we can do it with a conditioned body, stabilised joints and dynamic movement.

There is some real rubbish out there being flogged off as Wing Chun and it does none of us any favours.

Below are a couple of Videos on things we do to lightly condition ourselves, and understand Human Bio-Mechanics.







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