They get VIOLENCE confused with FIGHTING.

Many, in fact, most, new students struggle to grasp Wing Chun because it does not reflect the thing they fear.

Big swinging punches, high kicks, rushing to and fro to deliver thunder crash elbows, arm bars, rear naked chokes or any of the choreographed movie fight scenes they imagine.

Even people that have suffered from violence, where the reality was unexpected, brutal, and above all else quick, still do not seem to understand that random violence is over in the blink of an eye.

They get VIOLENCE confused with FIGHTING.

Fighting is ‘Social’. – Violence is ‘Anti-social.

What does this mean?

Fighting is a social contract between two people, usually, but not always, two blokes.

They agree to meet at a set place and a set time. Sometimes months in advance but sometimes just ‘you and me, outside right now’.

It is still social, a choice, a request that can be refused or accepted.

In a fight, all bets are off.

From the onset, both parties constantly attack, until one or the other is defeated.

Nobody defends in a fight they may dodge, they may duck and weave, they may even evade and avoid.

But no one defends, it is attack, attack, and win at all cost.

As an anti-social situation, violence is a one-sided affair for both parties.

The “Bad Guy” attacks the “Good Guy” unannounced and for no good reason, it is an assault.

And if the Bad Guy has timed it right, and that will be their aim, it will also be a surprise.

People choose to use assault because they are too scared to fight.

The ‘Good Guy tries to do their best not to be overwhelmed, defending as best they can.

It should be a no-brainer that good fighters fail just as much as poor fighters when assaulted by surprise.

I have said it many times before, the goal of Wing Chun is to survive and overcome the initial surprise and then turn the tables on the Bad Guy and become the attacker,

If we manage to do this, turn the tables, it is still a solo operation as we attack relentlessly, neutralise the threat, and then make good our escape.

Our aim is total, one-sided domination, Not to start a fight.

In a fight, both sides fancy their chances, maybe even trust their training, if they have any, but only one can win, and history tells us that “will” always beats skill.

But mostly, it is luck.

That is why ‘Scum Bags’ choose to attack by surprise.

“Do you feel lucky punk”!


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