Never forget or doubt that “FIGHTING IS EASY”.

I realise that offering up 5 videos and expecting any of us to truly get anything from them, is, to say the least, hopeful.

So I will try to unpack them over the next few weeks, on the blog, and in training.

As you should be well aware of I grew up in a different world, back in the 60s & 70s in particular, violence was accepted.

And expected.

My lived experiences give me a ‘very different approach to, and expectation of, all Self-Defence or Fighting Arts.

This influences how I present the work.

Because of my lived experiences, I understand that no Martial Art, Fighting Style, or Combat Sport prepares us for a violent encounter.

They just give us better tools.

Here is footage from Saturday morning with Sam and Rick, unpacking some information from last week.

We have done all this many times, but one of the mysteries of being a Human Being is that we need to do things again and again before the penny drops.

Even when we get it and know it inside-out, we must keep repeating the exercise to maintain the IDEA.

The most important thing to keep front and centre is that everything we do has a real purpose, just using this filter can answer many of the questions that crop up.

If not, just ask me.

Never forget or doubt that “FIGHTING IS EASY”.

Winning that fight or not getting injured are slightly different matters.

That part of violence is not what Wing Chun teaches.

If you think it does, you are taking a BIG risk.

Wing Chun only teaches Wing Chun.

Develop honesty.

“Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.”

Niels Bohr.


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