peeping over a fence at someone’s training

Here is a glimpse of last Monday’s training, the camera was in a dreadful position and so the framing is dead-set crap, but the info is good.

At 15 minutes it is more than a cup of coffee, as always this is to tie in with this weeks training. If it looks like fun then turn up on Saturday morning.

The IDEA we ran with was that once we make the actions bigger, like in this case we used a spear and sword IDEA, it is easy to see that they are in all our FORMS in a smaller more compressed state.

The best way to approach this is that you are peeping over a fence at someone’s training, there is good info here if you can find it.

Watch, question and train it up.

If we talk to modern day Sports Physiologists and Sports Psychologist and they will tell us that all training is sports-specific, our training must reflect the thing we are going to do or it will have very little practical use.

Everything will work to a certain extent, and everything will fail to a certain extent.

It is about 3 things.

Understanding how our body works

Understanding our Fist logic

Understanding how to build a bridge between the two.

Because if we ever do get into a fight it will be on that bridge.

We are not people learning Wing Chun, we are people using WingChun to learn about ourselves.

Asking me “will my Martial art work”? Is a little bit like asking will this stick work?

It will work if you know how to use it and are willing to use it.

There is a joke here in Oz.

Question, What do you call a boomerang that does not come back?

Answer, A stick.

The moral of this tale is knowing the right stick.

Everything we do must end up with us hitting someone.

If we find ourselves in a violent situation either we did not see it coming, if we had we would have avoided it completely, or we started it ourselves.  Think about that.

The “D” Man.

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