if you look closely you will find gold amongst the debris.

Guys, let me be honest, the main reason for this post is to remind you that above all else training is easy and it is fun.

So where the hell are you?

But as for the post itself, we started the day with a Sword and Spear IDEA of how to see the FORM in everything we do, there is no reason to do anything, it is just THERE.

The camera was just running, and that is why the framing has you looking more at my garden litter than the Wing Chun, but if you look closely you will find gold amongst the debris.

This was toward the end of the day where we brought that IDEA into closer focus, most Wing Chun students fail to see that Chi Sau is about creating the space and opportunity to simply smack the Bad Guy, but to be honest we all need to be reminded of this.

As you are all well aware I consider everything from all of the Forms, to Chi Sau, to Headbutts to scratching your Arse as components of the Sil Lim Tao.

Videos can only show shapes and movements, to get any value from this or anyone else’s videos the learning objective must be “can you identify the shapes and movements, can you relate them to your own skill”?

We had a really great morning on Public Holiday Monday, but in reality, this was just what happens every Saturday morning.

Get your shit together and come join us, yes, all the senior tribe Members are there but Wing Chun is just Wing Chun.

Wing Chun is easy.


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