This is simply one more different perspective that hopefully will provoke some constructive thinking.

As we are getting ready to getting back into it it may be a good IDEA to refresh our thinking and actions in respect of our stances.

Mushahi famously said “let your everyday stance be your fighting stance’ and because of this there is often a debate about the difference between ‘training stances’ and ‘fighting stances’, let’s have a dig at this.

 First up, have a good think about what YOU reckon stances are all about.

Take 5, do it, then come back.

O.K. How about this?

There is no such thing as a fighting stance!

Stances are static.

Fighting is fluid.

All stances are training tools, very important training tools but all the same, ‘only’, training tools.

The very fact that there is more than one way to look at, think about, perform and practice stances should indicate clearly that this is a training concept with specific training outcomes.

If this does not sit right with you think this way, all stances are a variation of a squat exercise, front squat, back squat and most importantly a pistol squat.

Now imagine yourself in a violent encounter.

Where do you see yourself performing a squat?

Accepting that stances are training tools allows us to focus on what this training exercise is teaching us instead of worrying about a shape that at best can only exist briefly and in passing.

It can also encourage us to access some excellent and ‘up to date’ information on preparing for and executing a squat.

Here on the BLOG there are several articles relating to stances highlighting the different aspects of training.


This is simply one more different perspective that hopefuLly will provoke some constructive thinking.

Here is something interesting I stumbled across on Quora, I have absolutely no idea of its validity but I must admit that it sounds at least possible, and we know what Sherlock Holmes would say.

“Funny thing about the “horse stance”. (This from a scholarly article on the history of Kung fu). In the past, it was considered to be a good job for a young man in rural China to join the army. Steady pay, “benefits”, etc. However, most of the Chinese army at the time consisted of cavalry, so, the applicant for an army position was expected to show some skill at riding a horse.

Unfortunately, in impoverished rural towns… Horses were a rarity. (They were all being used by the army!) So, to build up the leg strength for riding, young men would incorporate practicing the horse stance for as long as they could.

Eventually, this was incorporated into various Kung fu “forms”…. But it was never intended for fighting, but rather for training…To ride horses”.

Mark Werner


All being well we can resume training from monday 11th of October.

There will be restrictions to comply with.

  1. We all need to be double vacinated and be able to show proof of that.
  2. We will need to maintain safe distancing of 1.5mtr.
  3. We will all need to wear masks if we are indoors. Out in the yard we are cleared for mask free training.
  4. We must comply with the 1 person per 4 square metere rule, as this is about air circulation the Studio is 56 square meters that allows us to have 14 people so we are well safe with that rule.
  5. And finally there will be the need to hand sanitise.

All the same please contact me if you intend to train.

If anything changes I will contact everyone via whatsapp.


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