The first goal of training is to frame this question. The second goal is to answer it.

I did not quite hit the marks I wished to in the last POST, without ‘in-situ’ feedback it is difficult to know if I am getting across the IDEA.

In the last video, it was as if I had started the conversation at the halfway point and the act of trying to explain myself with non – Wing Chun equipment and actions may not have helped.

At the end of today’s video, I say that it is ‘we that is Wing Chun and not the movements’, the extension of this is that if we ARE Wing Chun then anything we do is Wing Chun.

What all training is about is developing the ability to be in control of our inner selves which will in turn influence the environment, our opponent and the event we are involved in.

But it is not as simplistic as trying to do everything the same way as we perform the S.L.T. It does not take a genius to know that moving as softly and as slowly as when we do the first FORM can only end up in tears.

It is not just about observing what and who we become when we do the first FORM but also what and who we are trying to become when we do the first FORM.

Are they the same person?

Are they the person we would like to be in that time and that place doing that thing?

Do we know how to frame this question? Let alone answer it?

The first goal of training is to frame this question.

The second goal is to answer it.

Once again, as always, we must ask, ‘do we understand that training is not fighting’?

Training is a theory, a concept.

Fighting is action, reality.

When we train we are always and only trying to train better, develop a better theory.

If we have forgotten the reason why we began?

How do we move forward?

How do we trust the theory?

Each FORM, each passage of training is just another theory.

Are we collectors now or is there a method to this madness?

The theory behind a pair of running shoes is related to but very different from the theory of running, they are both important and vital theories and here we are, still on the couch.

When we get out on the road there will be so many variables to contend with, rough terrain, inclement weather, blisters, how do we stick to the plan?

Is running on a pleasant warm Sunday morning the same as running on a cold rainy Thursday evening?

It needs to be.

That is the work.

The purpose of Forms training is to grow, not to stagnate.

The person we found in the first Form is just a starting point, that person needs to undergo transformation into the person that is doing the Chum Kiu, it is not the same person simply doing different movements, that is truly pointless. 

And the same proccess applies when we do the Biu Gee and beyond, observing what and who we become when we do these things.


With enough time every single move becomes a FORM.

Every single move is just us ‘DOING’ something.

What? Why? How?

If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.

Sifu Isaac Newton



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