To survive an emergency we do not need special skills, we just need a plan and the courage to follow it.

To get the most from our training, for it to be fit for purpose so to say, we must have some IDEA of what ‘that purpose’ may be.

Unfortunately for anyone involved in Martial Art training violence does not come in a ‘One Size Fits All ‘ variant.

Different situations will throw up different problems and those different problems will need different solutions.

What type of situation do we think we will be in when we call upon our training?

If your environment is a large group environment such as being at school. serving in the military or even working in construction ‘pecking order fights’ could be your main concern.

If you play a full-contact sport it could be a boil over that erupts.

Will it be one on one, multiple attackers or surprise random violence.

Will it be a confined space or an open area?

We all have differing IDEAS as to where the danger lies, for instance living in the U.K. through the 1970s when Soccer Hooliganism was at its peak young people avoided going anywhere on their own if they could manage it.

As a result, when trouble happened it was often seen coming from some distance away and it was LARGE so understanding how to deal with multiple attackers was far more valuable than a great ground game.

Each of us understands our immediate environment and even if it is not at the forefront of our thinking we know where the Dragons are

Surviving an unexpected violent attack will be one of the most harrowing things we will ever endure, going in with no idea how to get out, or at least how to begin to get out, is a recipe for failure.

Having even the vaguest of Blueprints will give us a place to start from, a place to build from.

Although no two violent situations are ever the same, controlling the immediate environment and knowing our capabilities can bring them into the same Ball-park.

Do we attack our attacker?
Do we defend ourselves and wait for an opening.
Do we stand and fight?
Do we look for an opening and then retreat?

How we answer these questions will pretty much shape the purpose of our training.

All training will work if you know where and when to use it.

To survive an emergency we do not need special skills, we just need a plan and the courage to follow it.

Self Defence is only needed once Self Protection has Failed.



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