Our 200-kilo punch to the face of our attacker becomes a 200-kilo headbutt to our hand.

It is not possible to win a violent encounter by defence alone, somewhere-sometime we must hit the opponent and deliver as much Force as we can.

The combination of Wing Chun Body Mechanics and ‘Fist Logic’ can deliver astonishingly heavy blows with very little effort.

Force is a two -way street, as Sifu Issac pointed out…

…to every action, there is a reaction of the same magnitude in the opposite direction…

Our 200-kilo punch to the face of our attacker becomes a 200-kilo headbutt to our hand.

Understanding the correct mechanics of our strikes can not only allow us to impart devastating blows but can also save us from injury.

Even if we do not suffer an injury from our incorrect Form we will leak power at every link in the kinetic chain and fail to encourage the Bad Guy to “cease and desist”.

It is beneficial for all of us, irrespective of our experience to stay in touch with the absolute basics of how to make a fist, and what it takes to deliver force through a strike.

Training for power is dubious at best, the 200-kilo punch we drop on the pads every night at training may not even land on the opponent if we do not move effectively.

Should we be able to land our strike it must land plumb to achieve its weight exchange.

Landing the strike we want on the target we want is a very difficult task, usually because the Bad Guy has his own agenda of which we know nothing.

Let’s just focus on what we can influence in real time.

Below is some random footage from training, putting words into action.

Do not be deceived by the apparent lack of effort by George, this is a big, highly skilled man moving correctly and making big circles.

If you know what to look for there is no recoil, no return force after the strike, it was a complete transference of momentum.

The end product was tasty.

The end product was Wing Chun.


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