If we reflect on this as we do the First Form we can absorb practical technical information without supervision.


The movements of the First Form establish our working parameters or the boundary of our area of influence.

We sooner or later discover our personal metric of this boundary dependent on our bodies range of movement but there is a generic we can use to work with the theory.

The generic model builds a rectangular box from our abdomen to the top of our head, from our left shoulder to our right shoulder, and the depth of our Arm, measured from chest to wrist up to the stretch reflex point.

If we add a vertical Centreline to this bounding box we have a left and right side of our Torso, if we then add a horizontal centreline to this bounding box we now have 4 sections or gates.

The Torso is now divided into an upper left gate and an upper right gate, a lower left gate and a lower right gate.

As we are looking at the First Form we will ignore the legs at this time, but they would add another 2 gates below the waist and the 6 boxes would now be upper, middle and lower.

In keeping with Wing Chun’s philosophy of simplicity and practicality any incoming strike that entered any box would be intercepted and moved to a different box.

Wing Chun Centreline Theory maintains that any strike on the left of the Centreline would be intercepted by the hand/leg on that side of the Centreline, as it is with a strike on the right side of the Centreline.

The intercepted strike would then be redirected into any of the adjacent empty boxes, it is this IDEA that gives rise to practical, functional techniques without needing to understand any techniques.

If we call the upper gates A and B1with the lower boxes being C and D any strike intercepted at A could be directed straight across to B, straight down to C or diagonally down to D.

The same would apply to an intercept at C, straight across to D, upwards to A and upwards and across to B.

If we intercept an incoming strike and occupy the Centreline we automatically redirect that strike into an adjacent gate.

The main principals, Wing Chun’s FIST LOGIC, are…

  • Simplicity
  • Practicality
  • Directness
  • Economy of movement

If we reflect on this as we do the First Form we can absorb practical technical information without supervision.






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