Without knowing why we are here and what we expect to find we will live and die in the lobby.



Let’s engage in some mental gymnastics.

If we use our imagination and think of doing the Form as getting into an elevator, it could be an office or a store, what floor do we go to and what will we find there?

It is not possible to answer this without some prior knowledge such as “what am I after and what floor is it on”.

Jumping in the lift and randomly pressing a button cannot work unless there is only one other floor, only a single choice.

If the Sil Lim Tao was represented by a building it would most likely be a 40 or 50 story skyscraper.

Without knowing why we are here and what we expect to find we will live and die in the lobby.


An important aspect of engaging with the Form is to bring about a paradigm shift, to learn how to see things as they are and not as we want them to be.

If we correctly apply Wing Chun thinking then we would be making things more simple, and not more complicated.

We would use Occam’s Razor, the Law of Parsimony.

Einstein once famously answered a colleagues question with “It all depends on your frame of reference”

One of the first reference points we encounter in Wing Chun is Taan Sau, if we are not careful this will cloud all future encounters.



Once we fully understand it is so meaningless to refer to these actions as actions.

They exist of themselves, we are more a part of them that they are a creation of ours.

Once we GROK we are confronted by a bizarre and confronting dichotomy.

Either we never knew,  never can know and never will know.

Or we have always known, which makes training {doing the Form} a pointless self-gratification ritual.


You do know that you can go blind doing that?





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