To put it another way, 99% correct is 100% incorrect.


To get any long term benefit from Forms training we need to be able to develop good focus, we need to pay attention.

If our focus is split then we will make very poor progress, mentally prepare yourselves to do the work, clear your head, sit down with a cup of tea or coffee and spend 30 minutes thinking about what you are going to do before beginning.

One thing to think about is exactly when does something change from being correct to be incorrect?

My first job was as an apprentice Toolmaker, an Engineer, when we made something it always had a tolerance level between acceptance and throw it in the bin, usually give or take a couple of “thousands of an inch”.

.001 tolerance, one-tenth of one per cent.

If something is 1% incorrect it is completely incorrect.

1% incorrect is the equivalent of 99% correct.

To put it another way, 99% correct is 100% incorrect.

Focus on just what you are doing.



I will also post this video and all future videos on the ISOLATION TRAINING ADVICE PAGE to make it easy to find if you wish to review it.

Feel free to comment or even contact me if you need anything clarified.





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