There is no reason for us to doubt acting defensively, no reason to attack an incoming attack


Before digging into how to develop a method/system for setting our body up, setting the frame up, recognising the kinetic chain that we will employ for efficient and effective movement we would do well to remember the most basic things about force.

I am referring to Issac Newton here and not Yoda.

Here is a clip from Saturday mornings training with Costas and his son George, two of my senior students, if you are not at this level of understanding it might be difficult to see what is going on but I assure you the guys are not investing overt physical effort.

It is super important that our partner’s resistance is static, passive and not dynamic. If one partner’s force increases the resistance must stay the same as it initially was.

When our partner’s resistance is static he is not adding anything to the system/event, the only energy in this system/event is our energy, what we feel as resistance is, in fact, our energy/effort, returning to us per Newton’s third law of motion.

Understanding that there is always an equal and opposite reaction and that this exercise is about applied force and its return we can flip the exercise so that one partner has already extended his arm and the other partner is trying to push it back.

From a ‘Force’ perspective, everything is the same as the previous exercise only our perception of ‘who is doing what’ is different.

It is this aspect of our understanding of the force that will take us forward, a useful mental trick is to imagine that we engage our partner to push ourself away and not push him away, even with a fully extended arm.

Working with this idea of pushing ourselves and not our partner we find that we get different result from the same input.

If we push our partner, the return force pushes us, if however, we push ourself in this situation then the return force pushes our partner, the crazy thing here is that they are both the same physical actions.

Trusting in the science there is no reason for us to doubt acting defensively, no reason to attack an incoming attack, which is something we see everywhere, the return force that our opponent creates will attack his attack for us.

Think of a bike rider running into the back of a parked car.



Issuing force or accepting force are the same action, it is only our intention of what we want to occur that changes the outcome, depending on our ‘Intention’ our body will initiate different actions independent of our thinking.

This is the reference to ‘self splinting’ it is a bit too much to add this subject to this post so I will clear it up at a later time.







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