Creating power on contact is both simple and complex depending on which way we look at it.

Hi Guys.

Sadly there was a S.N.A.F.U. With the copy from Saturday morning’s training so the footage could not be used.

But I ‘really’ wanted to get some vision down while we are working on the IDEA that I posted to the WhatsApp Group.


Imagine that you are crossing the road, and a motorbike comes barrelling down, for some reason the rider does not see you until the last second, he swerves to avoid you but the bike fishtails and the rear wheel takes you out.

This is ‘Wing Chun’ movement to a tee and covers many of the learning objectives of Biu Gee.

Things to observe and think about are that at the moment of contact, the rear of the bike is moving slower than it was before the swerve because of the rotation, but the front of the bike would be going at the same speed in the original direction.

And also it should be noted that this fishtail was not the intended result of the swerve, so there is no overt involvement with the contact.

It was not a plan, it was not deliberate, but the bike still knocked you out.

Hopefully next weekend I will go over the stuff we did on Saturday and try to get a record of the stuff we discovered, in the meantime I press-ganged Rick to help me out.

Creating power on contact is both simple and complex depending on which way we look at it.

Simple; Transfer as much of our body mass as possible into the contact point.

Complex; There are dozens of methods to do this, from the alignment of the frame to the hierarchy of movement, from increasing overall momentum to the summation of forces, and even increasing our weight through training, which is of course a method favoured by Combat Athletes.

Evermore complex; Accurately coordinate one or more of the above methods.

Our forms address all of this, however, we are required to cross-reference all Wing Chun information with known and accepted science, and we should at all times avoid magical thinking.

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