The best advertising is always word of mouth


Now that I have decided not to go ahead with surgery we at least know our forward path and can look to growing the training group.

To do this we need to advertise to get the word out there and I am currently working on some IDEAs on how to do this, but we do not have buckets full of cash to run an extended campaign so we need to get it right the first time.

The best advertising is always word of mouth, so if you get any chance to begin a Wing Chun conversation with anyone please do.

With us being a very senior group, not many schools can boast 1 Master level, 3 Associate Master levels our best effort would be to try to help people that already have some Wing Chun knowledge, perhaps they stopped during covid, or as we all know from the Academy, perhaps they are frustrated with the type of training that takes a lifetime.

Here is a post that I am hoping to use as a bit of a landing page for a new website that you could just cut and paste and email to anyone that might be interested.


On the surface Wing Chun has 6 Forms, S.L.T.  Chum Kiu, Biu Gee, Mok Jan Jong {Dummy}, Lok Dim Boon Kwan {long pole}, and the Baat Cham Dao {Knives}.

On closer inspection, we discover that only the first three Forms have independent learning objectives and that the second three Forms are suggestions, methods, or even drills, of how to combine the individual IDEAs presented through the first three Forms.

On closer inspection still, we discover that the first three Forms are not separate, individual IDEAs, but rather segments or aspects of the one complete IDEA that have been broken down and presented in this way to make the learning curve less steep.

Sil Lim Tao.

The first Form, the S.L.T. Is not, and never was, intended to deal with any aspect of making contact, it is purely about self-organisation.  However, this step is the most important and can be looked at as being something like 60% of the total work, it is foundational and without this knowledge progress is doubtful. 

On a foundational level, the S.L.T. is about organising our body, learning the optimal way to move our arms effectively and efficiently, without the need of added strength, and learning the correct alignment of our arms to become a conduit for force.

Chum Kiu. 

Chum Kiu translates to ‘seeking the bridge’, at its most basic level of understanding it is how we make contact with incoming force, how we redirect incoming force, and how we stretch and diminish the power of incoming force. Chum Kiu teaches us and allows us to explore, the defensive capabilities of Wing Chun.

Biu Gee.

Biu Gee translates to ‘thrusting fingers’, it is how we develop dynamic, moving, kinetic energy that fills our whole body and thrusts forward ‘even to the fingertips’, it develops force multipliers through ‘core winding’ and ‘weight shifting’ that maximises power without the need of added effort or strength. Biu Gee teaches us and allows us to explore, the attacking concepts of Wing Chun.

And beyond.

Set up {S.L.T.}, accepting force {Chum Kiu}, and issuing force {Biu Gee}, are practiced and studied as separate aspects or IDEA of Wing Chun but are used as a unified aspect or IDEA of Wing Chun if we ever need to use our training in a violent situation.

The three later Forms allow us to study, develop, and understand the lessons or aspects of the IDEA presented in the first three Forms, and then combined into that one, unified, IDEA.

At a foundational level, all Wing Chun training is about dealing with force, how to accept it, and how to issue it.

AllWing Chun movement utilises ‘Normal Human Body Movement’ and is governed by the Fist Logic of…






It is no exaggeration to say that until we hold a basic understanding of the first three Forms, we have not yet begun the real training of Wing Chun as a useable, dependable Martial Art.


Sil Lim Tao teaches us how to set up the ‘Wing Chun Body’.

Chum Kiu teaches us how to move the ‘Wing Chun Body’ to avoid, evade, diffuse, and diminish incoming force.  In other words how to defend against an attack.

Biu Gee teaches us how to recruit our body mass and physical movement to maximise impact power.  In other words how to counter-attack.

Hopefully, I can have a website and an advertising IDEA up by April, if we could get as few as another 6 people to grow the tribe that would be brilliant.

Stay Frosty.


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