Take that Bruce Lee.

As embarrassing as it is even Aikido has a more realistic fight simulation than Wing Chun.

Hey guys, this is in some ways a continuation, a follow-on from the last post, at least in its central theme, if you did not read the last post I recommend you read it first.

During my recent convalescence from surgery, I had more free time than I am used to, part of this time was spent combatting boredom and enforced inactivity by following links to various Wing Chun sites that kept popping into my YouTube feed.
I really should know better by now.
More than I ever remember, there are dozens upon dozens of new sites claiming that Wing Chun is the ultimate fighting system.
As an ‘Armchair’ Martial Art Wing Chun has always suffered from more than its fair share of ‘Tin-foil Hat Cultism’.
But lately, there appears to have been a complete abandonment of common sense in favor of just waving the flag.

But hey it is youTube.

How can anyone claim that what we do is a fighting system when the one thing we never engage in the Training Hall is fighting each other?

As embarrassing as it is even Aikido has a more realistic fight simulation than Wing Chun.

Shame on me for thinking this, but it is what it is.

In the time I was at my Sifu’s school, almost 20 years, I was in attendance on approx. 3,000 separate occasions, and not once did I witness anyone involved in anything that could be considered simulated fighting.

Is it possible to learn something without doing it?

Not unless you believe in the Law of Attraction.

If we forego wishful thinking and stay firmly planted in the world of men, what does Wing Chun Kung Fu, or any Martial Art for that matter, hope to teach us?

Organisation and control.

Organising how our Body operates, and how to use it to its optimal without any self-defeating use of unneeded strength or complicated movement.
Controlling the things that we can control, and not getting sucked into dealing with the things that we cannot control.
If we can understand the reality of what Wing Chun is about it sets us up to have a massive advantage.
This stuff needs to be spoken about at length, if we do not understand the Wing Chun Fist Logic how do we expect to benefit from the training?
Science teaches in no uncertain manner that the key to understanding anything is to push inwards.
Ignore the surface.
What we see as technique, as shape and Form is nothing but an illusion.
We know enough to understand that what we call BODY is a conglomerate of many different conditions, aspects, and theories.
So why is it so hard for students to even contemplate that everything is normal and that none of it is special?

Why the need for the shiny hat?

Usually, the opposite is what we encounter.
My style is better than yours.
My Sifu is better than yours.
My shit doesn’t stink.
But of course, it does.

I have no idea how long it will be before my next enforced lay-off when I have my Spine fixed, but I anticipate that it will be within the next 3 months, and I may well be away from training for a further 3 months after that, so let us dig into the Fist Logic as we return to active duty.




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