It is the weird bit of normality.

Sometimes, when talking about Wing Chun, it can end up sounding as if we are slipping into a new-age wacko cultish kind of conversation.

But it is only the language and not the work.

How DO we explain what happens to our cells without trying to sound like a scientist and getting it all wrong anyway?

I am doing it now!

Like everything else in the Universe, our cells get squeezed in and then they push back out.

That sounds wrong, but it is what happens.

To all of us.

All of the time.

It is the weird bit of normality.

Paying attention to the minutiae of our body makes it so much easier to see the big bits.

All being well we can talk about all this in a few weeks.

If you see anything interesting on the internet save it for when you get back, but never forget what Abraham Lincon said about the internet.

Oops, I just realise you will be watching this on the internet.

Stay Frosrsty. Stay Healthy.

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