The little IDEA… … Wing Chun does not fight.

Costas was talking to me about someone we know who has a Youtube Channel, about something he was saying about part of our system.

I have no wish to get into a B.S. Internet argument so I will not name the guy and I will not criticise what he was talking about.

Instead, I will once again try to help you see who is worth listening to and who is not worth listening to.

There are some good people out there.

Not many, but some.

The little IDEA.

… Wing Chun does not fight.

The Bad guy attacks us, we counterattack and finish him right there and then.

There is no fighting.

Obviously, there is a good chance that on the first encounter, we are taken unawares and we do not pull off our counter-attack.

 In which case we force a retreat to a better position and await the Bad Guy to attack us again.

This time we know what is going on and we succeed and finish it.

There is no fighting.


It is always the same little IDEA.

We do not fight.

This is hard to GROCK for a very large portion of the Wing Chun Community because they, fortunately, have no experience of violence.

So they fall for fancy words and flashy videos.

Try this.

Dealing with violence is a lot like cooking.

It makes no difference how many books you have, or how many shows you have watched, you could even have a friend that is a world-class Chef, but as soon as you are put on the stove it turns out you cannot even cook an omelette.

Do not laugh, cooking an omelette correctly is not that easy.

In fact, before I retired, when I was interviewing for a position in my kitchen it was one of the tasks I asked all hopefuls to carry out.

In many cases it was the rock they perished on.

Cooking an omelette requires focus, and correct timing but above all else confidence.

Moral of this post…

… never take an EGG to a BUN fight.

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