This aspect of the training is where some people get confused or threatened and think that we are drifting into pseudo-spirituality.

I am still working on the E-book, but to be honest sometimes I am happier just posting.


There is a non-physical side to what we do, we need the physical aspect to be established before we embark on this, but we should briefly mention the non-physical here to get us ready.

Developing our power is 100% in the Mind, consciousness is not an option, if we are awake we are aware, conscious power is everyday power. 

Developing our subconscious power is less automatic, we reach it through consistent, deliberate practice.  

The key to developing our self-image is positive self-talk.  

This is nothing new, every self-help guru on the Internet will tell you the same thing.

This aspect of the training is where some people get confused or threatened and think that we are drifting into pseudo-spirituality.

Thinking this takes us away from our training, away from the WAY.

The ‘Way of the Little Idea”.

The Sil Lim Tao, is the development and understanding of the Wing Chun ideal, in body, mind and spirit.

To phrase this in easy English the aim is to Act, Feel and Think in the same way to the same end. 

This could be any end, even enlightenment, so it can be a suitable vehicle for spirituality, but what type of person thinks that developing violence is a suitable approach to spirituality?

For Wing Chun these two paths cannot be mixed, the Sil Lim Tao is the opposite of spirituality, it is about becoming not only fully aware of ourselves and our potential but the best version of US there can be.

To be fully aware of every living, dynamic aspect of ourselves, not to blend into the void and achieve Nirvana.

Think on this,  jumping from a high building is mechanically  the same as jumping from a low step, but when we land the results are not remotely similar.

What we believe to be ourselves, US, our self-image was built up over many years and is still being added to today, every minute of everyday.

If we can imagine a situation that we would be using our Wing Chun training in, it will be the image we have of ourselves and the image that we have created for our attacker that will engage each other.

The physical image of ourselves is the simplest to refine, that is the first aspect of every FORM that we do, this is the entry to the “Way of the Little Idea”, our physical self-image, the bit of us that acts in the way of the “Little Idea”.

When observing ourselves doing any Form, any movement set any physical action whatsoever we must address it positivity. Yes, at all times we can think that we would like to do it better, but we are never doing it wrong.

Paying attention to what we are doing is the job of the conscious mind, activating our conscious mind by being deliberate is how we start to learn a new skill. 

We must know what we want to learn, and then we must break that down into its seperate parts. Each part is then practised individually until it’s grooved, solid, imprinted onto the subconscious mind.

Sound familiar? 

This is how we do the FORM.

This is a very wide and deep avenue to cross and it will be the focus of a seperate E-Book.

But the way in is through honesty, understanding and remembering.

Did we forget why we started this journey, did we forget that the goal was not to learn how to defend ourselves or how to fight? The goal was to become that person that was ready for the fight.  

If we stop training we stop being that person. 

Mastery of any skill fades, masters remain even when their skill diminishes.

We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.

Anais Nin.

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