The “Real Truth” of every Martial Art is Body Organisation.

What most people think of as Martial Arts training is really nothing more than a game of Tag played with moves that look like fighting.

Like Will Smith at the Oscars.


Do not misread me here, this TAG is an important game to learn because the movements become the vehicle for the Style Specific Bodywork that turns this version of Tag from a game to a useable defensive or attacking fighting system with real power and ability.

This is all and every Self-Defence-Systems and all and every Martial Art Style without exception.

How can we claim our training is not just TAG when all we ever do is to pretend to hit each other, no one is ever seriously attacked, and this is a good thing.

There is training and then there is fighting, they are not the same thing, they are not even close to being the same thing.

This is especially true of “Reality-Based Martial Arts”, these guys just sweat a lot, pretend louder, pretend harder.

Everyone goes home, and no one goes to the hospital.

When we understand that it is not the shapes and movements that save the day but the QUALITY of the BODY that is making the shapes and movements, things become clearer and all styles become equal.

Different situations require different qualities.

If we intend to compete as an amateur or semi-pro fighter, as a “Combat Athlete” the most important qualities are physical qualities, skill, though obviously desirable is of secondary importance, the overriding “Super Quality” is the ability to go the distance and take the hits for as long as it takes to win, sometimes up to 30 minutes.  Hence the term “ATHLETE”.

Public Domain Self-Defence styles are more concerned with escaping a violent situation in one piece than victory at all costs, hit them hard, knock them down, and walk away, all of our efforts are to survive a violent 5 to 10-second window.

The ‘Super Quality” we need is organisation, good movement, and self-control, again skill, though obviously desirable is of secondary importance.

WING CHUN is a Public Domain Self-Defence System, a Five-Second answer that says F@CK YOU to people that mean us harm.

Think of this when you watch your favorite YouTube video of someone throwing 20 or 30 different strikes in a row, and yet the Bad Guy gets up to be hit again.

As brilliant as these guys are, and I am just as much a fan as anyone else, that is dancing.


In all fairness it would not take very much for these brilliant dancers to change what they do into genuine fighting skills, in their own way they are also athletes, just drop around 95% of the movement, in fact, if possible stay still and do the work.

But that “Still” stuff only works in reality, it sucks on YouTube.

The “Real Truth” of every Martial Art is Body Organisation.

If you are interested in learning the deeper levels of Wing Chun Body Organisation, if you are up for the work needed to open up the full potential of Chum Kiu and Biu Gee ping me a message, I am here to help.

Hmmmmm, Call that a slap? More like TAG, your it.

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