What is being taught is not correct but it is relatively easy to nudge it in the right direction if we know what to look for, and we are honest with ourselves.

I am still busy writing the e-book that I spoke of some months ago, writing an E-Book that actually has useable, honest information, is a very long-drawn-out process, longer than my first E-book by a country mile.

It is very clear to me that I will need to do an accompanying Video, or perhaps just commit the whole thing to video to bring clarity to some of the more, let’s say semi-controversial, deep or weird aspects of the training.

Here is the lead-in to my Chapter explaining Biu Gee, feedback is welcome.

What we were told as the history of Wing Chun is more and more being brought into doubt, recent research from respected professional Social Science Researchers has shed light in some dark corners, Ip Man is looking more and more quixotic.


Hassan-i Sabbāh. 1034–1124

S.L.T. ‘C’. section.     BUI GEE.

As with Chum Kiu, it is important that we do not consider the Biu Gee to be a new Form but more a new dance, or even better some new moves to an old dance.

 If we can do this, once we get past the dance and have time to think about the moves of the Biu Gee, it actually helps to make Wing Chun smaller.

Observing how a certain movement from the first Form is expanded in the Chum Kiu and then transformed further in the Biu Gee lets us make the connections needed for the whole system to become one movement, one IDEA.


A brief chat about what is publicly presented as Biu Gee, especially on YouTube.

Biu Gee is often referred to as being secret information that must not pass outside the door of the school.

 Although I do not believe in there being secret information in Wing Chun I am comfortable with the idea that early Wing Chun Schools wanted to keep their best bits to themselves and as such used disinformation so that other styles would not have knowledge that could allow them to win in a fight.

Especially at the time of the Hong Kong Rooftop Challenge Fights in the 1950s.

There was potentially so much Face to be lost.

 So not really secret, more likely just obscured from outsiders.

It makes a lot of sense not to allow your enemies to know what you do, but how do we keep it all to ourselves, how can we teach publicly without exposing our knowledge?

Junior students always talk to their friends, always try to show how their style is superior, they show everything that they have been taught, repeat everything that they have been told, in this day and age it is Youtube, nothing is held back.

If we are genuinely working on ways to defeat our opponents what would we do if we knew the opponent was listening to our lessons?

We would disguise all the information in a way that sounds correct but in reality, would never work.

This is mainstream Wing Chun today.

What most of the world thinks is Wing Chun is not the whole truth, in fact, I believe that it is deliberately misrepresented.

Is it at all possible to teach broken Wing Chun and yet somehow have the students learn the truth?  

This is the myth behind the whole closed-door student thing, in public, they were taught broken Wing Chun then behind closed doors, it was corrected.

I do not think that this is likely, it would be too confusing, but what I think is a real possibility is that the serious students were told clearly that everything was broken and that the real work was to explore what they were taught and understand why and where it was broken.

Learn how to fix it, or at the least come back to their Sifu with their findings so that he could put them on the right path.

If as students we believe everything we are told we have voluntarily accepted the disinformation.

Yes, the magic “broken” Wing Chun will appear to work really well in theory, in training, even in demonstrations it will appear to be unbelievably good.

‘One Inch Punch’ good?

 Disinformation fails if it does not appear to be true.

Wing Chun is fighting and fighting is not that complicated.

Unless someone has never had a genuine violent experience it is patently obvious that most of what is passed off as Wing Chun will fail and fail instantly against even a moderately combat-experienced fighter of any style.

It is not a long way wrong, but it is wrong enough, some vital information is missing.

But the truth is out there, in fact, it is right here in front of us in plain view.

 We call it Biu Gee.

 The correction formula that teaches us how to nudge broken Wing Chun into the art we all hope it is.

The ideas presented in the first two Forms will not work correctly without the oil and grease that can only be found in Biu Gee.

 It was always meant to be this way.

 Only loyal, dedicated students trained long enough to be shown Biu Gee.

 Dedication and loyalty to the school got the gravy.

But in this time-poor, ‘please feed me’ world that we live in, especially when we are paying serious coin to the Wing Chun School to provide a service, very few students undertake the real work.

 It is not the student’s fault, they more than likely were not told it was broken, many Instructors that set themselves up as Sifu are unknowingly teaching broken Wing Chun.

It is not their fault either, for they did not realise that they were teaching broken Wing Chun they simply passed on their Sifu’s disinformation in the way it was passed to them.

Generations of effective disinformation.

What is being taught is not correct but it is relatively easy to nudge it in the right direction if we know what to look for, and we are honest with ourselves.

Our Sifu or Sigung cannot teach us anything, only point us in the right direction, we must do the work in our own way and find our own Wing Chun.

There was a time in my training when my Sifu said to me…

  …“When you come to my class it should be to get your homework marked and not to ask for my help with your training”.

I very much doubt that I was the only one of his students he said this to.

No secret information here.


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