All the Kung Fu movie actors, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Donny Yen even Bruce Lee were dancers that would get owned by a genuine fighter.

The internet Martial Arts sensation that is D.K. Yoo has sadly joined the ranks of failed defenders of the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts flame.

We need to address this.

This result is no surprise as D.K.Yoo was fighting someone much younger, much heavier, and much stronger.

Also, his opponent, Bradley Scott, is a credentialed fighter and not a fellow demonstration athlete, or one of his students or awestruck visitors.

The Glass Ceiling is a real thing.

But it was D.K. Yoo’s choice, if you ask me a stupid choice.

Anybody that chooses to pit themselves against such an obviously superior opponent only has themselves to blame when things go south.

The fight was really embarrassing from the point of view of a person that respects Kung Fu.

Many inexperienced students, inexperienced with violence, look at people like D.K. Yoo and think ‘shit yeah, this is the stuff’ and feel very deflated by the result.

Don’t be.

We can still respect the movement and fluidity of D.K.Yoo, he worked hard to get where he is, his ability did not come in a show bag, but we must understand that what he does is dancing and not fighting.

All the Kung Fu movie actors, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Donny Yen even Bruce Lee were dancers that would get owned by a genuine fighter.

Pro or street.

So would I.

So would you.

Get over it, we are not training to challenge genuine fighters.

We can gain something from this believe it or not.

We can understand that looking good is only for the bedroom.

Escaping a violent situation in one piece, which is what we are training for, ESCAPE, is more about understanding and controlling the environment we find ourselves in than physical skill.

Wing Chun is a somewhat specialised Martial Art that exists in a very specific environment/space, if we can create this environment/space Wing Chun works as well or better than most other styles.

Below is some footage from Saturday’s Junior Master training, the first thing to note is that the training is relatively slow and relatively easy.

Single Arm Chi Sau is of immense value for genuine violent encounters, much more valuable than doubles.

The aim is to be in control of what we do, moving slow and easily takes more control than rushing.

Adrenalin and the actions of your opponent dictate what speed you need to be operating at, your nervous system will understand what is needed.

When we consider that all movement is initiated by our thinking, acting fast requires us to think fast, not move fast.

Thinking fast requires a calm head and as few choices as possible.

If our head is in the right place when using these IDEAS in a violent situation everything we do will take place in a millisecond, that is the whole IDEA.

At 24 minutes this is a long video, consider it a Christmas present.

In case you live in a cave with only the N.B.N. here are some links to follow.

D.K. Yoo’s fight. Keep in mind that this is his own highlight reel, he was proud of this, and do not be put off by the fact that he looks like Freddy Mercury. Fight highlights HERE

This is a breakdown from an active M.M.A. Fighter and coach that is worth listening to, at least the first half which is par for the course with his stuff. He loves the chat. Ramsey Dewey Roast, HERE.

If in doubt, run away. D.K. Yoo.



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