Wing Chun is the art of “Counter Attack” without this understanding to anchor our training everything is just dancing and arm waving.

Since reopening after the 15 week lockdown we are all going through a kind of rebirth, or at the least a re-start that demands a new approach to the training to get back the lost time.

My lockdown training was taken up to a very large extent with playing with swords and poles, working on tying the body to the footwork in a dynamic and meaningful way and understanding that Wing Chun contains all of this movement.

The overwhelming benefit of playing with hand weapons is that they are direct and uncomplicated, just as Wing Chun is meant to be.

With weapons there is one and only one reason for using them, take out the Bad Guy.

Refreshing, re-invigorting, rewarding.

Wing Chun is slightly more complex than using a weapon but the goal is surely the same.

What is the goal of Wing Chun?

The goal is not to do Forms, or to excel at Chi Sau as important as those things are, it is to understand and become at the very least capable and competent at the art of “Counter Attack”.

Wing Chun is the art of “Counter Attack”.

This thinking is not a product of the Pandemic Shutdown, it has always been the case.

I covered this in some depth over 2 years ago and I am still happy with how I presented my opinions and idea so I am reissuing the posts here for you to revisit.

Do yourselves a solid and bookmark this page so that you can revisit it every few months, this is the most important thing to understand about Wing Chun, without this understanding to anchor our training everything is just dancing and arm waving.

April 30, 2019. Counter Attacking pt1.

May 7, 2019. Counter Attack pt2.

May 14, 2019. Counter Attacking pt3. Developing the Shield Arm.

All three post are stand alone pieces with important foundational information so spend time on each instead of seeing them as just one long read.

As I always say “there is only one move in all of Wing Chun”.

That move is to “Counter Attack”.

If we do not know what it means to “Counter Attack” all the moves in all the styles in all the world will only lead to defeat.


“In most disaster scenarios… you don’t need special skills to survive. You just need to know what you should do.”

 Amanda Ripley’s  THE UNTHINKABLE.


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