You will in turn present the information in your own way when you have students, you must of the style will petrify.

Hi Guys,

It is 7am and very chilly as I am filming this so my back is just not moving the way a human back should move, do not use me as a role model.

The main drive behind this post and the last post is for us to get the most from any videos we watch throughout the lockdown, even if they have dialogue this is a good approach.

This youtube channel that I have recently become aware of is a fabulous resource, it has a number of clips from 1991 when a group of guys from our Adalaide Headquarters visited with our Sigung, Chu Shong Tin over in H.K..

There are some minor differences between how my Sifu presented the knowledge he was taught just as there are minor differences with how I present the knowledge I was taught, this is natural evolution, each generation amends the information to fit the present circumstances.

But in essence the ‘Fundamentals” remain the same.

You will in turn present the information in your own way when you have students, you must of the style will petrify.

Begin with what we know for certain and not with what we think we see, depending on where you are at in your training some will relate this to Chum Kiu, some to Biu Gee, some to the Dummy, eventually you will just see it as Wing Chun.

One Form.

One method.

The exploration and understanding of potential.

Wing Chun Forms are not Kata, not shadow boxing drills, they are closer to callisthenics than Kata.

Chum Kiu is not a stand-alone set of information, it is a sub-set or aspect of Siu Lim Tau, the ‘Little Idea’.

It makes little if any difference what exercise we are using to explore Chum Kiu, we are always doing the same thing “Seeking the Bridge”.

The exercises are how we refine our idea of what it means to “seek the Bridge’.

However we must avoid slipping away into Kung Fu Fantasyland and all of our training becoming a “Finger pointing at the Moon”.

Form analysis is not based in reality and as such it does not…

  1. Teach a fighting skill.
  2. Teach situational awareness.
  3. Teach decision making or judgement.
  4. Teach the ability to execute the action under pressure.

27 Ninja’s jumping out of the Air Conditioning?  You’re not likely to face that here, however it feels safe for many to have a solution for unlikely threats. Or worse, amazing solutions to fantasy problems.


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