It is as they say ‘the fight in the dog and not the dog in the fight’.

There is a gentleman named Lee Morrison that has a group named Urban Combatives, I really enjoy listening to him talk, usually on other peoples podcast but also on his own Youtube presentations, he talks from experience and he knows what he is talking about.

It is for good reason that he is one of the worlds most respected men in the world of interpersonal violence.

Recently I was watching one of his ‘reflections’ on Youtube when I noticed in the sidebar that he was showing a workshop he held with a British Wing Chun School, this piqued my interest.

I rarely watch his practical videos, the ones I have seen are brilliant but Urban Combatives, as the name implies, focus on dealing with extreme violence with extreme responses.

There is no thought of ‘Counter Attack’ and no thought of ‘Minimal use of Brute Force’.

Lee Morrison has a specific approach to dealing with Bad Guys, an approach that grew out of his own life experiences, one he very obviously understands deeply and trusts completely.

However, as organic and genuine as Lee Morrison’s style is it is still a style, styles do not win fights, men do, watching him I am sure he would.

It is as they say ‘the fight in the dog and not the dog in the fight’.

When you listen to some of his discussions on dealing with violence, his ‘Fist Logic’ is remarkably aligned with Wing Chun’s ‘Fist Logic’, albeit ballistically so, this is an important point to consider when watching the video.

The video of his workshop at the Wing Chun School pretty soon sees him respectfully informing all attendees that Wing Chun’s ‘Chain Punching’ is all but useless in real situations, the reaction from the Wing Chun Students is stunned bewilderment.

He is of course correct, as we well know.

In discussing this video I am painted into a corner by the fact that I do not know why this school invited him so it is impossible for me to know what they were looking for, and as such make fair and unbiased comments.

Form your own opinion.

If you watch the video if it was not for the fact that L. M. lightly criticises Wing Chun it could be a Wing Chun lesson, a ballistic Wing Chun lesson but all in all still Wing Chun.

To my eyes, it looked as if the guys attending did not try to integrate Wing Chun movement, which is really sad because they may have not seen the connection, the bridge, and may have missed the value and transferability of what L.M. was demonstrating.

Then again perhaps they got it all.

I am not trying to criticise the Wing Chun guys involved, this is a heavily edited video that is posted to benefit Urban Combatives and more than likely drive business to him for his workshops, so to be expected it is shaped in that direction.

Clips that showed how Wing Chun is IDEALLY suited to this type of approach may well have been left out.

Never forget that Youtube is a shop window.

Apart from the very ballistic nature of the event, this is how we train, how we think, for my money, this IS Wing Chun so there is a good deal we can take away from this video.

If you guys cannot see the alignment between what L.M. is doing and what we do talk to me, or at the moment send me an email or put it on the group chat.



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