Beware of patterns that do not translate well to other patterns or other conditions.

Hi Guys, as we go into this “Hard Lockdown” we will all have plenty of time, let me know of anything you would like to work on and I will knockout a video, I have time as well, right now this is just to keep us all in the loop, nothing new just a recap on STANCES.

Areas to think in…


The number one function of our brain is to control our movement, we know that not only is there a brain-body connection but also a body-brain connection that using our body in different ways stimulates neurogenesis, stimulates neuroplasticity is stimulates Brain-Derived Nootropic Factors which is the fertiliser for making new connections [synaps?] so we have to move.

Observe the movement taking shape.
Become curious about what is happening.
Be kind to yourself.

Frugality matters, reduce complex problems down to their simplest elements, even the most complicated relationships and problems have identifiable underlying patterns.

Beware of patterns that do not translate well to other patterns or other conditions.

They will create cross pattern interference that our Brain has to somehow resolve

Understanding the work.

What is true interpreting energy?

If your vision and hearing have no basis, it is difficult to achieve accuracy.

When your vision takes in far and near, left and right; when your hearing takes in rising and falling, slow and fast; when your understanding of movement encompasses evading, returning, provoking, and completing; and when your sense of action embraces turning, exchanging, advancing, and retreating, then this is true interpreting.

We must internalise and focus on the core concepts of the art.

Never forget that all styles are created to deal with certain real yet local problems,

as our problems change so does the art need to, it is evolution.

It is vital to understand the environment that our practice will need to perform in.


The difference between bodywork and intention is that although the movement is the same they are fundamentally the opposite of each other.

Bodywork tends to focus on the process, the “HOW”.

Whereas Intention focuses on the product, the “WHY”.

A lot of people that struggle to make the transition from Form to Function do so because they tend towards thinking that Process and Product, Form and Function are the same things because they share the same movement, this is understandable and happily also avoidable.


Learn the form, but seek the formless. Learn it all, then forget it all. Learn The Way, then find your own way.



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