Once we miss a planned session not only do we disappoint ourselves emotionally but we increase the chances of missing more.

It looks like we could be in lockdown for a few more weeks, fifty {50} new community transmissions overnight, things look grim, so we need to be sure that we keep our spirits up and we can help this by keeping up some level of training. 

There is plenty of things we can do solo, good things that can improve what we do and what we know, the danger to our solo training is boredom and procrastination.


Set aside a few slots of time to train and stick to it, do not be over ambitious and think that you will train for an hour each day, that is a recipe for failure.

Once we miss a planned session not only do we disappoint ourselves emotionally but we increase the chances of missing more.

Allow yourself 30 minutes 3-4 days a week, if you are in the groove, enjoying what you are doing you can extend the session to be as long as you can keep focus. If you are into it. 

When we consider the different ways we can approach the work it is easy to find something different to do every day, even if it is only 10 minutes a session.


Create a mini-program that works on completely different things each session.

  1. Awareness/stillness exercises.
  2. Awareness/movement exercises.
  3. Band work.
  4. Pole work.
  5. Form/structure work.
  6. Mix and match sessions.

If you begin every session with 10 minutes of standing awareness, especially if you are doing this outdoors early in the morning the benefits to your mood and overall well being will be enormous.

Set aside time for some related research, thinking, contemplating is a big part of all Martial Arts.

Try not to get stuck just surfing the net.

Make a list of different categories of interest and tag them to the active sessions.

Youtube can be a great training partner.

Resources we should assemble are sites that provide good information on

General Body Maintainance.

Sites I visit are…


Smashwerkx RX.

G.M.B. fitness.

There are dozens of eually good sites, find one that you like the way they present the information and stick with them

Sports-Science Movement and Bio-Mechanics.

 Wildman Athletica.

The Squat University.

The Lean Berets.

Again there are dozens of these.

Fight Related.

I do not recommend visiting other Wing Chun Schools sites, we all do things differently to a certain degree and there is a real chance of seeding confusion, but visiting other styles can oddly enough help us see what our style does.

Pual Vunak

Tommy Yankello. World Class Boxing Gym.

Watching other styles gives a good view of how other people may use their body.


Ultimately this is central to what we do, it is a huge field that we all address differently, just google it and find something that resonates.

Do not underestimate the training benefit of research, before we can do anything with our body we need to engage our head.

Knowledge is power.

Learn everything you can, become as powerful as you can be.

If you guys have any questions on any aspect of Martial Arts / Self Protection hit me up on the Whatsapp group or email me if you want to keep it private.

Moving quickly is attained through smoothness.

Smoothness is attained through moving slowly.


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