How we train and what we train is not Wing Chun. Wing Chun is just a tin of tomatoes.


The most valuable thing we can do at this time is to spend some time sorting out what it is we think we are doing.

What it is we want to do.

And find a way to get there.

Going into this post there are three things that I want you to take away from it for future reference.

They are more what the recently departed Edward de Bono would call a ‘provocation’ than information.

First off: In 47 B.C.E. Gaius Julius Ceasar, after a swift victory against Pharnaces II at the Battle of Zela, reported to the Roman Senate the words Veni; Vedi; Vici. I came, I saw, I conquered.
Considering that he was ‘greatly’ outnumbered he would have been more accurate to say Veni; Vidi; et bonam fortunam, I came, I saw, I got lucky.

Secondly: The great S.African golfer Gary Player once hit a seemingly impossible shot from a deep bunker straight into the hole, as he walked out of the bunker, a spectator shouted, ‘That was a lucky shot, Gary’. Player turned to the fan and said ‘It sure was and you know what? The more I practise the luckier I get.

Finally: A poem I heard from Spike Milligan.
My Brother Tim had a tomato thrown at him,
while tomatoes are soft and wrapped in a skin,
this one was especially packed in a tin.

How we train and what we train is not Wing Chun.
Wing Chun is just a tin of tomatoes.

Hopefully, this will all make sense in the end.

Back in the day, 15 or 20 years ago,I asked my teacher…

‘what is needed to become a Wing Chun Master’?

He said ‘there are no shortcuts or secrets, just turn up to training and pay attention”

Very wise words that have since proven true.

Then he winked, handed me a tin of tomatoes and said ‘don’t leave home without it’.


Something to consider.

If we find ourselves in a violent situation either we did not see it coming,

if we had we would have surely avoided it completely,

or we started it ourselves. 

Think about that.


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