Any held shape becomes an end of range calisthenic exercise.

Connecting to the K.Starr. Video I posted on our Whatsapp channel.

For visitors here is a link…

I cannot stress how important the information Kelly Starret passes on is to a Wing Chun Player.

If you cannot relate K.Starr’s input to our Wing Chun training it is a failing of understanding on your part and not a disassociation from K.Starr.

Any held shape becomes an end of range calisthenic exercise, the Chinese were well aware of this and a very large part of ANY FORM in ANY STYLE is acting as a conditioning tool for a specific action, one specific to that style.

Things are easier to examine, connect and interpret when we relate them to the movements of the ‘Magnificent 7‘ which are Squat, Hinge, Twist, Lunge, Push, Pull and Carry.

From this perspective every Stance becomes a variation of a Squat, if we are applying this thinking to Chum Kiu then we are in the territory of the ‘Pistol Squat’.

Approaching the Heun Mah, the turned stance, as a variant ‘Pistol Squat’ we see how the approach K.Starr. {Kelly Starret} was taking can be used to great benefit when dealing with our Huen Mah.

Points of interest that we already do…

Unloaded Single Leg Pistol exercises, upstream conective tissue reacts very differently in Huen Mah and in the kick even though they are almost the same shape and come from the same IDEA.

K.Starr talks about black holes in our functionality, they exist, we all know they do, the real work is not to seek out and find these ‘Functional Black Holes’ but rather to join the search and see what else we find.

As always… there is no RIGHT answer.

To keep inline with what we are doing physically in training at the moment…

… and hopefully to encourage some people to return to training and some other people to up your game and train with me more often…

… you all know who you are…

… here is a shortish presentation on how to fit your thinking into your striking.

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