‘if we are initiating the action we are attacking if we are responding to an opponent’s action then we are defending’…

Having the ability to transfer the training into a way of doing the work is frustratingly completely different and separate from both the training and the work!

This is a task that can be easy to overlook as there is a tendency to think that the training is the work.

The majority of the training we do is focused on defence, for very good reasons.

Reasons that have a great deal more to do more to do with developing confidence than developing capability.

This is the best reason.

‘Without the confidence of thinking we can defend against a hit we will hesitate to engage the Bad Guy’.

Construct – examine – deconstruct – examine – reconstruct – examine.

Rinse and repeat.

Below are a couple of Video take-aways from recent training sessions, they are a little long winded as is the way with live training, it is more important that the information gets accross than it is that it sounds cool and crisp, this is ‘fly on the wall’ video.

There are some important ideas here if you can grasp them.

This is just everyday training, no one is trying to show off or even do their best, it is just a normal evening, before thinking poorly of anyone be aware that you would look just like this.

One important aspect to spend some time thinking about is…

‘if we are initiating the action we are attacking if we are responding to an opponent’s action then we are defending’…

What does this mean?

Does it change your approach?

As with all of our training how we relate to what we are being shown and how we can connect that to the work is the main difference between being capable and effective or not being capable and effective.

Context is so important.

Try to view everything that we are doing in these Vids as an aspect of Chi Sau or as an expression of our FORMS, in this way we are at least attempting to connect the training to the work.

We will be working on this approach for at least the next 6 weeks, if anything is being shown here that you want me to expand upon mention it when you come in for training.


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