I want everyone to improve their conditioning, we do not do Hong Kong style Wing Chun so we need to have a decent baseline conditioning and know how to activate the kinetic chain.

Everyone including seniors will be expected to do the small circuit before commencing training in the studio, it should not take more than 5 minutes, but feel free to do multiple circuits, remember this is conditioning and not strength training so use lighter bands as opposed to heavier bands.

Hopefully this will inspire some of you , although I would like it to be all of you, to buy a couple of resistance bands and set up a space at home, bands cost between $5.00 and $20.00 and the anchors, which are just heavy duty door handles, cost me $10.00 so there is no large outlay.

Not using BRUTE STRENGTH is a governing principle in our FIST LOGIC, however never doubt that a conditioned person can produce more base load power cruising without using overt effort than an unconditioned person can produce flat out using BRUTE STRENGTH.

Train hard, fight easy, the opposite of this is just not very attractive.



I am working on some footwork drills that you can do at home so watch out for them.



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