About the Blog.


Unless you are particularly gifted the content of this Blog may be difficult to understand if you have not reached CHUM KIU.

But it also may help you make the GREAT LEAP FORWARDS.

WING CHUN FOR GROWN UPS {previously Closer than Hong Kong because I am a great deal Closer than Hong Kong} is the Blog of Wing Chun Inc. / Wing Chun Sydney and of course the “D” Man, we are a Sydney, Australia based Wing Chun Kung Fu School. Wing Chun Wednesday is our main posting Day.


The aim of this Blog is to put out there some Great Information that can be accessed by people of any age or fitness level, to build a community of informed Readers that can see the many and wonderful aspects of Wing Chun Kung Fu, and to inspire people to take up the quest.

Somewhere in your Neck of the Woods there is a good School.

ABOUT THE “D” MAN;   Derek has been training in the Martial Arts since 1960, he started with Boxing as a Junior and then Judo as a teenager and young Man and specialising in Wing Chun since 1992 training with the late Jim Fung Chuen Keung  until his passing in 2007 and then with his own Group.  Sifu Jim Fung was a long time student of the Great Grand Master Chu Shong Tin and to a very large degree we teach the C.S.T. Body method here at Wing Chun Sydney.

A word from himself…. The “D” Man.

ABOUT THE GROUP; We are quite a small and friendly group that fluctuates between 8 and 16 Students, Wing Chun needs to be taught “Hands On” so running a large School is counter productive.

Here are a few satisfied Students that have been with me from before the beginning when I taught for my Sifu’s School.


2 thoughts on “About the Blog.”

    1. Hi William, our new venue will be in Liverpool, Sydney, at Liverpool Public School, just opposite the Railway Station, I will post clearer details on our Web Site http://www.wingchuninc.com.au/training.html as soon as everything is finalised, the date of opening is from Monday February 3rd so look for details around Jan 27th to Feb.1st, I hope you get a chance to come and train with us, in the mean time thank you for visiting the Blog. You can also sign up at the Web site to receive updates and Newsletters.


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