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This page is still getting new visitors and some old visitors have been enquiring when the new edition will be live, what it will cover and why I felt the need to change.

The new improved Wing Chun Sydney is planned to go live on February 1st 2019, this is the 9th anniversary of Wing Chun Sydney so an auspicious date, it also gives me plenty of time to get my format sorted.

Something that I stressed all along in this Blog is that we need a bit of honesty, Wing Chun the way most people train it will not work in a violent situation, in fairness no martial art will, how can you train for something that you know nothing about?

We do not know what future dangers await us, but it is doubtful that as we sit here well into the 21st century ideas from the turn of the 19th to 20th century will fulfil all if any of our needs. It is quite foolish to think that we can expect the unexpected, foolish to pretend that we know the answer before we know the question, foolish to be so partisan about our methods.

The teachers that say there is a specific way to train Wing Chun, that certain shapes are correct and others are not, that certain Forms are more important than others are in all reality offering a very limited and ultimately specific answer that can only be successful when faced with a similar specific problem, the thing is violence is complex, random and very non specific.

We should bite the bullet and ask ourselves could this be why the internet is choka block with videos of Wing Chun masters loosing fights?

If we find ourselves in a violent situation we will not try to use Wing Chun, what we will attempt is to get out of that situation by any means possible, and hopefully some of the ideas we discovered through our training will come to our assistance, it is the best we can hope for, the best anyone can hope for in fact, no matter what style they study.

What will get us out of trouble will not be Sil Lim Tao, Chum Kiu, Biu Gee, Chi Sau or any of the applications that you see people trying to use and getting well and truly seen off when facing aggressive non compliant attackers, it will be the method hidden within these approaches, the work behind the work, the body method that makes it all possible, the same body method that in one form or another has been used by sportsmen and dancers for generations.

No Chi, no Nim Lik, no Magic, no Bull.

Very little of the work will be truly original, very little in real life is, but rather adaptations of sound body mechanics from things like Ice Hokey, Discus Throwing, Shot Putting, Ballet and Tango Dancing that can be applied to our Forms and applications to make them come alive.

With regards to the FORMS I intend to give IDEAS of what to look for when training them so that they transcend being only dance and become the functional exercises they were first imagined as.

I hope to clarify what it means to be a counter attacking martial art and how to reflect this through our practice, including some more realistic suggestions than we have at present for dealing with generic violent situations.

I personally know many people that have trained for 10, 15 even 20 years that would struggle against an average angry street kid, not through any fault of their own but through the outdated and ineffective approaches and teaching methods that have been handed down from long dead Guru’s that in all probability never used their training in anger.

The only person that can teach us Wing Chun is ourselves, my main goal is to create a portal that gives students a new perspective, a fresh way of looking at our training that can take on a life of its own and grow and advance organically, no one else out there can ever help us, living or dead.

I am not trying to identify myself as the guy that has the answers, on the contrary I intend to provoke questions that encourage people to seek their own answers, find their own way.





  1. Well said Derek that’s been in the back of mind for years , and as you know I started my WC training back in 94′ . A huge penny drop moment came when I got out of one of your blogs WC can be applied to anything ( words to the effect ) not a set of moves but a state of mind ( principles) . That was so freeing and since then for myself I believe my training has improved a lot . I’m a 90 kg 50 year old man , I think my WC would look different to a 16 year old girls WC weighing 45kg and So it should . It always felt like I was forcing something .. Now im confident and feels more natural


  2. I agree. We all argue over shapes and elbows up or down in or out, but the person smashing you dosnt care. Lets work on stuff off balance, exhausted, fearfull, angry and see what tools we use often and then train them hard. Great blog

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