Weekend Headspin


I have a few relatively long term private students that train with me who are deeply committed to other styles, deeply involved, as much in awe of their own style as I am in Wing Chun, yet still they train one on one with me. 

What we work on is the body method at the heart of Wing Chun, we do not go near any of the Forms, not a single one, we do not do Chi Sau, we do not work on the Wing Chun way of dealing with aggresors, of issuing force, we rarely if ever use standard  Wing Chun as a frame of reference.

In many ways I have removed  all of the things that most students refer to as Wing Chun.

But what I am teaching is beyond any doubt 100% Wing Chun.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

It is nt just me,not everyone teaches the same Wing Chun.

In 1999 my own Sifu’s Sifu, completely changed his approach to Wing Chun,  after my Sifu’s passing in 2008 most of his students changed to this way of Wing Chun, I tried to follow, I really did try to understand what everyone else was getting excited about, but in the end I failed.

It made no sense to me, I am by nature not a person that follows some piper, some mystic, no matter how famous and well regarded so I probably did not invest enough into the dream.

My bad.

To me, and of course to my own teacher Jim Fung,  Wing Chun is all about devastating power, right here, right now, this is what I teach, this is what my non Wing Chun students come to me for so they can add it to their own work and this is what I deliver.

I also have a number of casual students that drop by to get a slice of my version of the Wing Chun Pie, when they are with me they all say that what I do feels a great del more like a Martial Art, that what they do with their regular, twice a week Instructor feels somehow different,  without doubt funkier, deeper, softer, more internal, but definitely less effective, less real.

I apologise in advance if this next statement pisses any of you off.

You simply cannot hit hard with softness!

If, like so many people here in Australia, you do nothing but the First Form are you really learning Wing Chun, or are you just learning Siu Nim Tao?

It is a question worth thinking about.

If someone like me teaches people how to make Wing Chun work without the Siu Nim Tao, without Chi Sau, but adheres totally to the Fist Logic of Wing Chun, a teacher that teaches the song inside the song, who lives and breathes “the principles”, a man who feels that the Forms are of little value to the big picture, but talks the talk and walks the walk of pure Wing Chun, what is Wing Chun?

Stepping sideways for a moment, many years ago I trained with a quite renowned sculptor in Western Australia, I was of course studying sculpture, not Wing Chun, one time as we where out at a local quarry looking for some good stone I asked him for pointers to what he was looking for?

He told me that he was looking for a piece of stone that had an interesting sculpture inside of it.

It took me a while to understand what he meant, but when I did everything changed.

All of our forms and standard ideas are nothing but lumps of stone.

I can lend you a chisel.



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