If you see the Forms in the same way today as you did 5 years ago what have you been doing for the last 5 years?


Wing Chun Forms are the blueprint for how we move, they are not Kata, they are not shadow boxing sets. There comes a point in our training where our understanding of the Forms changes so much that we see in many ways they go nowhere and do nothing and are all the better because of that.

They are how we move and not where or why.

I have played many sports and trained in numerous styles of Martial Art, there comes a point where they all become the same thing.

As a young man in the U.K. I played a great deal of Lawn Tennis, English winters are not Tennis friendly so I would head indoors and play Racquet Ball, Table Tennis even Badminton to maintain court awareness, keep my hand-eye coordination up,  keep my reflexes sharp, they share many of the same moves, same shots, same plays.

In many ways they are the same game.

I tried Squash a few times but when Tennis players play Squash watch out, those flowing follow-throughs become lethal head shots in the confines of a Squash court.

Squash needs different movement due to the environment it is played in, once we recognise that the differences in movement, footwork and shot creation are caused by environmental necessity we can see that all the moves are still the same, they just look different.

Approaching the Wing Chun Forms with this perspective opens them up in many surprising and enlightening ways, new thinking proliferates, new questions arise, what is really going on when we move our arm through Bong Sau?

Using an open perspective approach describe what happens when we move our arm in a large complete circle.

In the beginning we think we that move our arm in one large circular motion, from “A” back around to “A”, but with new thinking we see that we also move our arm in many small arcs, “A” through  to “B”, “B” through  to “C” and so on, from here it is a short step to moving many different sized arcs, “A” through to “K”, “L” through to “M”, “N” through  to “D” and so on.

Directions become nothing more than descriptions, forwards, backwards, up, down, the same movement different value.

Arm swings, Leg swings, same movement different value.

Is there any kicking methodology in Biu Gee?

Same movement different value.

If you see the Forms in the same way today as you did 5 years ago what have you been doing for the last 5 years?

Tick, tock.



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