My answer to this question is usually “It’s fighting not ballroom dancing, we can do anything we want”!

I run an open door policy at my school so I get the occasional visitor that has seen this blog and wants to check me out, I have no problem with this all I ask is that they do not try to tell me what their Guru does, its my school after all, and if they are there to check me out then they should just check me out and decide later.

As I have mentioned previously I have had exposure to high level training methods in various sports, it is not all that surprising to come into the studio and find us simulating tennis backhands, throwing the discus or shot putting, the methods are adaptable to Wing Chun movement so there is no need to camouflage them as my own ideas, also there are some great resources for these on the net.

Due to my personal experiences of fighting we do a lot of striking, more striking than Chi Sau, more striking than Forms and we take examples from anywhere, sometimes we are doing drills I learnt as a boxer, sometimes using a Bo Staff sometimes some fencing exercises and of course tennis backhands, at the end of the day it is all Fist Logic.

We learn to strike with everything, I personally have a great deal of respect for slaps and forearms, so these often get a bit of a workout, we should also always consider that unconditioned fists  can break quite easily, slaps never break.

We happened to be working on slapping and forearm striking the last time we had a visitor, all evening he kept asking  “Can we do this in Wing Chun”?

Variations of slapping are knuckle smashes and hammer fists, especially against a guard, a static elbow or an incoming jab, when we started applying them as a defensive option, you guessed it “Can we do this in Wing Chun”?

My answer to this question is usually “It’s fighting not ballroom dancing, we can do anything we want”!

If we are in trouble we should hit the nearest target with the closest weapon, this is Fist Logic basics, if our closest weapon is an open palm {which is how I teach the guard position} then we just Bitch Slap ‘em, with enough weight and power to knock out a horse, slaps are magnitudes more powerful than palm strikes not to mention that the psychological effect of being slapped can take the wind out of a mans sails.   If the bad guy is tricky and slips to the side my forearm would be closer than my hand, at close quarters forearms are magnitudes more powerful than elbows, and much more natural.



I may not always align myself with traditional Wing Chun training but never the less I happen to believe it is a really clever martial art, it teaches us a set of body mechanisms that can inject power into any movement from any angle and any direction, why would it restrict our options?

If  Wing Chun does not use Hammer Fists, Knife Hands or Knuckles, if Wing Chun does not use Fore Arm Strikes or Backhand Slaps why are these things in the Forms?

Another comment that got levelled at me, especially if someone engages in open play with me, is that all I am doing is Boxing, this one really makes me smile because Wing Chun Kuen is Boxing, Everlasting Springtime Boxing, Chinese Boxing.



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