In times of high stress the Brain always ignores the Mind and moves into self preservation mode, it adopts the approach of “this worked last time so I am going to use it now”


If we could see ourselves as an android then Intention would be the software that runs the hardware, Intention can never be a power source, Mind Force is not the same as Intention, Mind Force, whatever we think it may be, is by definition a force, it is a power source not software.

Let us start this outside of Wing Chun, what is the intention we call up when we think about walking?

There is a lot going on when we call up the Intention for walking. It is made up of a compound of many different sub intentions, stay upright, do not fall over, walk forwards, stay clear of the traffic, avoid other pedestrians, do not bump into lamp posts, numerous small sub commands that allow us to consolidate the IDEA / ACTION of walking so that it requires minimum attention.

As baby humans our body learns to walk before our brain develops memory, before the creation of Mind, so we have no recollection of the difficulties we overcame, how we needed to learn all of these sub routines  one by one and then combine them into what we call walking.

This is the disconnect between Mind and Brain.

The Brain controls the Body, the Mind is how we communicate with ourselves, the Mind can of course ask the Brain to use the Body in a certain way, this is the process we call training, Intention begins as the Mind asking the body to perform certain tasks, once learned the Mind and Brain no longer need to keep up this particular dialogue, apart from forming the Intention the Mind is now out of the loop, only the Brain can make things happen, the Mind can offer alternatives and always does but if there is any kind of conflict the Brain simply ignores the Mind.

In times of high stress the Brain always ignores the Mind and moves into self preservation mode, it adopts the approach of “this worked last time so I am going to use it now”, some people call this reflex, this is why in my own training I do not prescribe to any of the doctrines of Mind Force or Internal Training, if it does exist the chances are that when we really need it we will not be able to access it.

Intention creates what I call the pre movement condition, like a sprinter in the blocks waiting for the gun everything is aligned, primed and ready to fire, 99% of what it takes to make that move to start the sprint has already taken place, all we need is the understanding of where to go and what to do once we engage.

Wheels spinning slip the clutch and away we go.

We can develop Intention by being very deliberate and conscious when training, by using our imagination to place the training in a possible context, in many ways we are painting a picture, a plan for our Brain to comply with, the clearer the picture the greater chance of success, every move, every alignment, every impulse and above all every scenario must be clearly understood if we wish our Brain to associate our training with a certain situation, zoning out or focusing on “rising up” while practising a Form is the opposite of developing Intention.



If we return to Wing Chun related matters, what is the Intention associated with punching? 

What are the sub routines?

What outcome do we expect?

In short what is the context?

You cannot create Intention without context.



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