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To be expected not everyone agrees with my assessment of Chi Sau, this is not a recent thing, a few years ago a fellow Wing Chun Instructor wanted to prove me wrong in my opinion that Chi Sau is not for fighting and set up a number of scenarios where we would use Chi Sau as it is played, whenever he tried to trap both my hands I just kneed or elbowed or headbutted him to which he complained.

Thats not Wing Chun it’s Muay Thai!  {In many ways his reaction proved my point, what use is Chi Sau if it fails to other styles}?

This is such an odd thing to say for two reasons, number one I only use Wing Chun and number two I have never in my life trained Muay Thai so where did my ideas come from?

This idea that certain things belong to certain styles is so misinformed, there are many untrained street bullies that kick, punch, headbutt, grapple, throw or use sticks.   What style are they doing and where does it come from?

I have met so many people in Wing Chun with this semi – religious football fan mentality that leads to my Dad is better than your Dad lineage disputes, claiming that anything is or is not Wing Chun just prevents people from seeing how clever Wing Chun really is.

A concept can only ever be a concept, and Wing Chun is a conceptual martial art, we can’t have it both ways.

Wing Chun is a body method, we boast to other stylists that it is based on normal human body movement and not 5 animals, if everything is normal movement there is nothing new to learn, Wing Chun teaches how to make normal movement more dynamic and effective, any movement, it does not teach its own set of moves, that is just the Instructor choosing his favourite moves that he trusts.  This is where lineage wars come into existence.

The beauty and marvel of Wing Chun is that we can take any move from any system, apply our specific logic to it and in doing so improve it, in doing so, as long as we stick firmly to our Fist Logic it becomes Wing Chun.



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