Even though this is part of Chum Kiu Logic it is not until we are introduced to Biu Gee core winding that it all clicks into place

OUT GOES IN, IN GOES OUT AND NOTHING GOES FORWARDS, is a very simple maxim but it takes a lot of study and understanding before it clearly shows itself, it is the defensive aspect of Fist Logic, it is Chum Kiu.

At its core Wing Chun is a defensive martial arts system, even though we adopt simultaneous defence and attack and one of our maxims from the Kuen Kuit is “ they attack first we hit first” counter attacking in any fashion means that we begin in second place on the grid.  Our first thought is to deal with the incoming strike, through training we learn how to do this is in such a way that it allows us to attack as soon as possible, ideally at the same time, later through exploration we discover strategic structural obstructions {basically putting shit in the way} that lead us into direct attack, this is how the dummy explains Fist Logic.

Out goes in, in goes out and nothing goes forwards is an aspect that often gets totally misunderstood, practically reversed by most students playing Chi Sau , most of the moves played out in Chi Sau would be the next move after a failed simultaneous defence and attack, in reality my strike would have made our attacker loose contact with us, our opponent would have freed our hand this is why it is so important not to push our partner in Chi Sau we only accept their force, this is why most Lap Sau, Gwoh Sau and trapping only exist as a reality instead of a concept within Chi Sau.

We should question the value of spending so much time on what are representing second phase moves, follow ups to our initial strike, that could and would only happen if our own counter attack had been countered. Not only are we training for failure but we are now faced by the quite silly idea of countering the counter to our own counter which is nothing but Hong Kong Movie stuff,  remotely possible but highly unlikely considering simultaneous attack and defence.

Simultaneous attack and defence can only be achieved if my defending side circles away from my opponent as my attacking side circles into them, this is why Bong Sau can never be a defensive option.

In training we often refer to our arm shapes as circles, to strike unhindered one of the antagonists needs to be on the inside of the circle so the main purpose of Chi Sau is to understand the concept of how to control and change orientation,  if we find our partner inside our circle then we need to roll him to the outside, essentially this is Tarn Sau Chit Sau,  this is IN GOES OUT, our partner is on the inside where he can easily attack so we roll him to the outside, in reality this would be done before contact by aligning our interception in relation to our opponents line of force.

If we have intercepted an incoming straight strike our opponent is still inside our circle and in a position to strike then we need to roll into the inner gate putting him beneath and outside of our circle, the inner gate, essentially something like Biu Sau  Huen Sau, or Biu Sau → Chum Sau this is OUT GOES IN we are on the outside so we roll into the inside.

These ideas get confused in Chi Sau because we roll so large, all of these actions will take place at the point of contact and use minimal movement, just enough for my strike to enter, if done with a slight rotation of the body, Chum Kiu, then their is little need for my hand to move from its general location, these actions will play out at around shoulder height. Smaller moves allows me to create a timing advantage, more movement requires more time.

In Wing Chun we always try to avoid force on force, in many ways this is mission impossible because any type of contact creates its own opposing force, but we keep it to a minimum by not only resisting the urge to go forwards into the incoming strike {as Bong Sau always does because no matter what direction we may think we are going the elbow advances it forwards}, but also turning our body in the same direction as the incoming force, interceptions should be at 90 degrees or more to the angle of the incoming force, if possible sharing the same vector and changing its direction which is in many ways moving back towards ourselves, this is NOTHING GOES FORWARDS.



Even though this is part of Chum Kiu Logic it is not until we are introduced to Biu Gee core winding that it all clicks into place, through Biu Gee we understand that the reversing right side powers the advancing left side and vice versa.





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