In all of our forms the sequence we repeat the most is the one to spend the most time on, it is the key, it holds the germ of the IDEA, in Biu Gee it is the Flying Elbow sequence

Whatever we may think about the shapes of Biu Gee, where they go and what they could be used for this is not the primary take out that we are looking for, we can never know what the Bad Guy will do so all of our Forms are made up of random shapes, random movements, look around the various lineages they are all so different, but we cannot train randomly so we need a pattern, we need consistency if we are to be able to learn how to work our body.

Biu Gee is not really about fighting, it is about energy production that if we choose to we can use for fighting, it is about understanding how even the most subtle body shift creates momentum, understanding how twisting on top of a body shift adds torque to that momentum, it is about linking the whole body through joint manipulation and alignment to create a kinetic chain that can be released into a target through any part of our body, even the finger tips, it is about deeply understanding what it means to accelerate an action, and not just a punch.

Biu Gee is biomechanics and awareness, not fighting.

Fighting is just us hitting something, the effect state, Biu Gee is the mechanics we use to do it, the causal state.

In all of our forms the sequence we repeat the most is the one to spend the most time on, it is the key, it holds the germ of the IDEA, in Biu Gee it is the Flying Elbow sequence, to truly understand this sequence we should take away the Arms and observe what the body does through this sequence, there is body shifting both gross and subtle, there is rotation of the whole body but also rotation of separate sections of the body, added to this is the use of the arms, and it really could be anything, once we are used to the rotations we should substitute the arm actions with other actions we are very familiar with, Palm Strikes, Slaps, Punches, Chi Sau, this is basically what we do on the dummy but it is never to early to start to understand.

Once we understand the shifting and torquing if we look back to the movie Ip Man 3 and think of the fight between Donnie Yen and Iron Mike we realise that only Tyson was using Wing Chun, I am not sure what Donnie was doing.

The difference between Biu Gee body method and Biu Gee for fighting is intention, awareness, hierarchy of movement and acceleration.


Wing Chun is simple so we should keep it simple, intention is a plan, and carrying out that plan deliberately, it is not Mind Force.


Fighting is not meditation, awareness is not mindfulness, in fighting awareness is perception, understanding, being able to physically feel our whole body, and at the same time feel its individual parts. If I cannot feel my whole arm I cannot use my whole arm, if I do not know where my hand is how can I put it where I need it.  When I stretch my fingers forwards and feel the tendons activate across the back of my fingers, my awareness is now in my fingers.    I am quite literally thrusting my fingers, there is a subtle hint here.


This is kinetic linking, the big moves before the small, the inner moves before the outer, the lower moves before the upper, in the case of the Flying Elbows for example it goes centre, waist, midriff, chest, shoulder and then arm which of course could be shoulder, elbow, wrist then finger,  a thrusting finger. 

Something that can be hard to grasp is that every link must move fractionally slower than the link that came before it or we break the chain.


Acceleration is the gradual increase in velocity and not speed itself, correctly linking the hierarchy of movement naturally produces acceleration due to the addition of forces, it appears to be a bit of a paradox but we can cause acceleration even though we are slowing down each progressive link, providing of course that all links are active at the same time. Any action that gets bigger by default decelerates, any action that gets smaller by default accelerates, watch the winter olympics as an ice skater performs a pirouette they pull themselves in to speed up and open out to slow down,  from a fighting perspective when defending with Chum Kiu we attempt to enlarge and extend the opponents action slowing it down and decreasing its power, when attacking with Biu Gee we attempt to bring in and compress our own action.  Ironically acceleration does not create the impact power, this is the causal state, it is the rapid declaration that cause massive, instant weight transfer, this is the effect state.

It is not speed that kills, it is the sudden stop,  it’s physics.

Ultimately Biu Gee is about increasing the speed of our movements and the quality of our linking, and by doing so increasing the amount of kinetic energy we are producing, awareness and intent allows us to release that kinetic energy from any part of our body, even our finger tips.



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