If Wing Chun was a language it would have a very small vocabulary, we use a small handful of words {Siu Lim Tao} to say a thousand different things, Biu Gee simply adds context.


When ever we begin to talk of the martial aspect of Biu Gee or even Wing Chun in general we must be ever vigilant to stay within the realms of reality and not slip into the Killer Ninja caricature of someone like Master Wong.   As we all know common sense is not very common, it gets even rarer in the Martial Arts.

Wing Chun has Forms, not Kata, not shadow boxing sets, so to a very large degree there are no standard ways to interpret the moves of the Forms and no standard way to use the moves of the Forms, this is a real issue in Wing Chun, so many Instructors have no experience with violence, especially grown up violence with big, strong men that truly want to hurt us, as such they are proposing things that for them do not exist outside of their imagination, they have never done these things to any one in anger and never had these things done to them, to a very large extent they are betting all their wages on hope, and I have been there, done that, I once broke a pool cue over a blokes head and it had zero effect on him, I tell you I did not see that coming, in my imagination that was it, the shock of him ignoring the blow and coming at me dissolved all my hope, to be expected things did not end well for me, too many eggs in the wrong basket.

The most important thing for any fighter is to know what does not work and avoid it like the plague, and this only comes from experience and everybody’s experience is different from everybody else’s that is why the whole lineage thing in Wing Chun can end up more of a hindrance than a help.

It is not rocket science winning a fight is easier if we make good decisions, making good decisions comes from experience, experience comes from making bad decisions, following a Master that has never fought anyone for real or even a Master that has never lost a fight will not guarantee success, we must do our own thinking, make our own mistakes.

What is Biu Gee about? I do not think anyone alive has the complete answer but what I do not think Biu Gee is about is Finger Jabs,  Elbow Strikes or Emergency Techniques, my take on it is that Biu Gee is about kinetic power production, kinetic linking and the ability to discharge that kinetic energy from any part of the body.

Yes even the finger tips, but beware, Biu Gee can generate many times our body weight on contact, something rigid digits {stiff fingers} cannot take, followers of teachers like Master Wong {the lost and the spurious} usually answer this very firmly with something like “I would be striking soft targets with my Biu Sau” hmmmm good luck with that, here is an idea, try doing a Biu Gee style straight finger push up on a soft mattress, this is not even the equivalent of one body weight.  Biu Gee produces multiples of body weight on impact.

I do not think that Biu Gee is about Elbow Strikes, this is a common sense thing, an Elbow strike is 45 cm. shorter than a punch, some considerations here, from our own perspective we have 45cm less moving room to develop kinetic energy, that lack of space would also translate into less time to develop kinetic energy, also an Elbow Strike has two hinges less than a hand strike, each moving part adds force, choosing an elbow instead of a short range punch is ripping ourselves off. From a negative perspective if we get our defence that is setting up the Elbow Strike wrong, which is quite likely looking at the loss of time and space due to choosing the elbow option the Bad Guy has just pushed 45cm of arm through our face.

I do not think that Biu Gee is about Dim Mak pressure point striking, no one can be that accurate in the chaos of a genuine violent encounter when the bad guy wants to hurt us and has kindly made us aware of it, our stressed out nervous system would take away the fine motor function that precision targeting requires, apart from that why waste training time practicing pressure strikes when they are just not needed, if you punch it hard enough everything becomes a pressure point, Biu Gee teaches us how to hit hard.

I do not think that Biu Gee is  about emergency techniques,  emergency techniques imply that we have made a mistake, if we make a mistake in a real fight against a big man with bad intentions it is lights out, perhaps not right there and right then but we will lose our rhythm, intent and all of our strategy, we will have no answers and no hope, the writing will be on the wall and our blood will be on the floor. From my personal point of view to think that someone trying to take our head off is somehow not an emergency from the outset is suicidal over confidence.

If Wing Chun was a language it would have a very small vocabulary, we use a small handful of words {Siu Lim Tao} to say a thousand different things, Biu Gee simply adds context.



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