The end game we are looking for is to have complete movement system that comprises of shifting and pivoting without any set pattern or mechanics, one that allows us to have control over our weight from a feeling stand point and not one that relies on being in the right place at the right time, the beauty is that we were born with this, all we need to do now is polish it and trust it. I am sure that at one time or another all of us have ran through a crowd of people for some reason, catching a bus or a lift for instance, we avoid other people easily and do not fall over, physically this is all we need if you think about it, except that in these incidences we are controlling our weight so as to not impact any one else, in fighting all we really need is to learn how too change our intention.

All of our movement comes from the floor, the first move is downwards, and usually this is performed by gravity os we may not notice or recognise this, Newtons third law then sends this force back to my centre, Ground Reaction Force, I push the planet and the planet pushes back to push my lower centre then the lower centre transfers the force to the upper centre, feet, hips, shoulders and out into the world.  Often it is said that we move from the hips, this is only partially correct, if you are aware of your own body to a high degree when you move your hips you will feel that what it does is push your feet into the planet, everything comes from the floor.




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