Keep an open mind and do your own independent research, especially about the spine and how to use it.

The Biu Gee pivot is an upper body pivot powered by the shoulder girdle, it creates Shoulder Torque which is completely separate from Waist Torque, because of this they can be performed in unison creating more power than each can create individually, the Biu Gee pivot can be performed as the the body is shifting in  linear fashion as we do in Chum Kiu creating multiple vectors on impact.

Some Instructors describe the Biu Gee pivot as beginning at the waist and raising upwards one vertebrae at a time, this approach is mainly  a mental process , as a mental process or visualisation it does have value due to the fact that early on students engaging in “Core Winding” tend to loose there shape and at the speed and force that Biu Gee rotates this can result in loss of balance, attempting it physically is potentially hazardous, trying to turn the shoulders with the spine can result in serious injury to the lower back, especially the joints L4, L5 and S1. when anything is twisted or wound it gets shorter, more condensed, attempting to stretch {raise up} a spine that is naturally winding down is creating antagonistic tension that will eventually result in failure of either the vertebrae of the lower back or the core muscles, these injuries are quite common with Golfers, Cricket Pace Bowlers and Baseball Pitchers. 

Core winding, because that is what we are talking about is achieved as one would expect by using the muscles of the core, specifically from the Thoracic area of the spine, the easiest way to think about this is that we use our rib cage.

The majority of Wing Chun Instructors, myself included, have a limited understanding of Functional Anatomy, and we are usually explaining this limited knowledge to students that have an even more limited understanding, to try to improve the communication we use analogies and descriptions that have no basis in reality, lets be honest there are frequent and numerous contradictions in Wing Chun logic, as long as we understand that this is just a vehicle for imagination there is no harm being done, but once we start thinking that IDEAs such as “Raise Up, Sink Down and Relax” are more than just a mental process, that they are things that can genuinely be done we are slipping off into the Fog.    To remain upright bodies require tension.

Before my last operation 2 years ago I was hoping for a non surgical outcome so I signed up at the Sports Medicine department of N.S.W. Institute of Sport, I was treated by well credentialed doctors and physios, when I eventually described the treatment to my neurosurgeon he remarked that they did not know enough about the human spine to be in the business and had complicated my problem, there was no doubt an element of professional bitchiness about his remark but their knowledge was not as deep as his, and I paid for it.   Keep an open mind and do your own independent research, especially about the spine and how to use it.

In many respects the Biu Gee rotation is the same as swinging a Baseball Bat  or the Golf Swing, due to the money in golf there is a tonne of great information on the internet about how to swing around the spine and not with the spine.

In Wing Chun irrespective of what method we use to pivot there are two criteria that must be met 

  1. We must remain in balance.
  2. We must not create extra tension in the legs or body.

Strictly adhering to these criteria and keeping an open mind about the mechanics will teach us the best way for our own body to pivot, we are all different so instruction should always be treated as a starting point and not a destination.

It is often said that Biu Gee teaches us what to do when we make a mistake or find ourself in a bad situation, this sounds great and somewhat reassuring to people that have no genuine experience of violence, sadly it is a bit of a fiction, for sure we could use it this way and it would work, but,  if you ask anyone that has been in the melting pot with someone that wants to hurt them, they will tell you that it is  only in hindsight  you see that you made a mistake, and if you did make a mistake it is often only when you get back up that you realise it, if you mess up in a street fight there is very rarely any way back.  Biu Gee is about power production, attacking power, it is how we attack and not how we correct mistakes.


Not for everybody, madmen only.  Harry Haller, Berlin 1927.




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