Training is preparing for the Future.    Dealing with Violence is right here, right now.  How do we make the Bridge between these very different Animals.

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What we promise ourselves and what we deliver are not always the same thing, what we know and what we believe are not always the same things, and finding out where these tracks part ways is important to our Self Defence training because our attitude, acceptance and approach { to Life in general not just the Martial Arts} stems from what we believe and not what we know, I want you to  answer the following question the instant you look at it.

“Can you fight”?

Once we allow ourselves to think about questions, without really being aware of it we start to think about how any answers we give will reflect us, so we choose an answer that we think best fits the situation while portraying us in the best light. 

 This is an answer from the person Inside that makes the base choices in our lives, the person inside that decides self worth.

If the question is a little vague we will change the question to have it make sense, so instead of answering the very real question of  “Can you Fight”?

We answer the reimagined question of  “can you fight well, are you any good at fighting?

Everyone can fight, not everyone is good at it, and that is why we train, to improve something that we can already do.

Reflect on why you began this journey in the first place?

What ever it was, from day 1 you wanted to be at least “good” at it, if you are honest you wanted to be “More than Good”, you wanted to be a Black Belt, a Kung Fu Master or a Martial Arts Hero similar to your favourite movie character that had inspired you.”

“These are very normal situations for a beginning student, as soon as we enter training we become aware of the gap between where we are today and where we wish to be, this is crucial for our motivation, no one who takes swimming lessons jumps into the pool on day 1 thinking about swimming the English Channel even if they have been inspired to take up swimming by someone who has done just that. No one in a swimming class would think about attempting to swim 35 Kilometres before they could swim 200 Metres.

But in Martial Arts training people do this every day.”

“There is a conundrum for all of us Martial Artists, especially the non competitive Martial Artists that are training for self defence.

Martial Arts are fear management, we are training to be prepared in case of an unspecified threat, the chance of a potential threat, and not danger management in response to an unfolding violent event.

Training to deal with an unformed, general threat that may not ever eventuate is a never ending story. As a result it generates countless “what if” questions, that require even more training to satisfy, but when you do not know what you are training to deal with how do you know when you are ready to deal with it?

Training is preparing for the Future.

Dealing with Violence is right here right now.

How do we make the Bridge between these very different Animals.



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